ARK: How to Get Absorbent Substrate

ARK Absorbent Substrate

One of the stranger resources in Ark is Absorbent Substrate, a substance made of a mixture of harvestable resources in the game.

This resource is mainly used for creating Night Vision Goggles and Gas Masks which both have their purpose in the game.

As of now, there are currently only two items that need Absorbent Substrate, which is usually needed for later on as you progress.

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How to Craft Absorbent Substrate?

Unlike other resources that share a similar crafting type, Absorbent Substrate can only be crafted in the Chemistry Bench.

While the Mortar and Pestle and Chemistry Bench share similar resources that can be crafted, Absorbent Substrate cannot be crafted in the Mortar in Pestle.

To craft this resource, you will need to collect 8x Black Pearl, 8x Sap, and 8x Oil, which will yield 6 pieces of Absorbent Substrate.

Polymer Uses

Absorbent Substrate is currently only usable for two different items, the Gas Mask and the Night Vision Goggles, which have different resource costs.

Gas Mask

The Gas Mask is an item in Ark that allows players to survive areas or attacks from creatures that can poison them and deal damage over time.

Night Vision Goggles

The Night Vision Goggles is an item that allows players to have vision during the night, allowing players to be less obscured by the night or dark caves.

Farming Absorbent Substrate

It is possible for Tusoteuthis (Ocean Squid) to drop Absorbent Substrate when they are killed, which makes farming them an alternative to crafting them.

Since Tusoteuthis also drop Black Pearl when killed, (also other creatures in the ocean) this can also provide you with more resources for crafting Absorbent Substrate.

If you have a powerful underwater tame, you can farm Absorbent Substrate instead of crafting it to save time and get additional resources.


There are not many uses for Absorbent Substrate, and this resource has been around for quite some time.

It is unsure if this resource will gain additional recipes as things seem stable as of now and newer maps are focused on their resources.

While there are not many uses for Absorbent Substrate, it is still good to keep some around, especially if you plan to craft higher quality Night Vision Goggles or Gas Masks.

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