ARK: How to Get Achatina Paste

Ark Achatina Paste

Achatina Paste is a resource that can be used as a substitute to Cementing Paste, its only difference being the source of this secreted paste.

As you may have guessed, you can obtain this from the Achatina and by this, we mean only from the Achatina.

If you tend to make your own Achatina Paste Farm, you can set up to make an unlimited supply of Achatina Paste to be used instead of needing Cementing Paste.

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How to Produce Achatina Paste?

Achatina Paste cannot be crafted, instead, it is produced by Achatina and this can be obtained by two methods.

Firstly, Achatina will always tend to drop Achatina Paste, even when they are wild, which allows you to pick up a few now and then.

Secondly, Achatina will produce Achatina Paste in their inventory every minute when you have one tamed and set to wander.

Combining these two methods can provide you with a lot of Achatina Paste which you can use later on.

Achatina Paste Uses

Achatina Paste and Cementing Paste are pretty much the same thing and are both used to substitute one another, Cementing Paste being more common.

Whenever there is a need for Cementing Paste, Achatina Paste can fill in the required resources to complete the crafting.

As Achatina Paste is a resource that was later introduced, you can find out more on the main resource, Cementing Paste in our How to Craft Cementing Paste guide.

How To Start an Achatina Paste Farm

First of all, you will be needing Sweet Vegetable Cake, which is required to tame Achatinas, but this will require some of the vegetables.

You will need to get to work on a farm to produce the ingredients needed for an Achatina farm as well as find a spot with Redwood trees for collecting Sap.

Once you have a source of vegetables from your farm and Sap, you will be able to craft Sweet Vegetable Cake to tame Achatina. (Knockout Method)

When everything needs to tame Achatina has been prepared, go out and tame them and start adding them to an enclosed area where you will set them to wander.

That’s pretty much it, once the Achatina is secured in a spot and set to wander, you can collect the Achatina Paste regularly.


Just like Cementing Paste, Achatina Paste is one of the most sought out resources and if you can tame enough Achatina and provide them with food, supplies are countless.

The best thing to do is prepare your base and plan ahead in a spot which you will be able to get all the resources needed for an Achatina farm.

Cementing Paste and Achatina Paste are both valuable and combining the methods for obtaining both of them can prove to be very efficient.

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