RE4 Remake Bonus Weapons List

Resident Evil 4 Remake has a lot of weapons that Leon can add to his arsenal when it comes to taking out the bad guys but there are even more that you get after completing the game.

There are certain bonus Weapons that you can get for finishing the game and others will require that you meet special conditions.

Resident Evil 4 Remake All Unlockable Weapons

Once these weapons have been unlocked, you can add them to your equipment and later use them in a new game to make the fight easier for Leon.

All Bonus Weapons List

1) Chicago Sweeper

RE4 Remake Chicago Sweeper

The Chicago Sweeper is a submachine gun that was meant to go along with his Pinstripe Outfit, making him look like a gangster.

This was previously known in the original game as the Chicago Typewriter and was nicknamed Tommy Gun by fans.

To unlock the Chicago Sweeper, players will need to complete the main story in Professional Mode and get Rank A at the end.

2) Handcannon

RE4 Remake Handcannon

This famous magnum made its appearance in the original game and was known to be a favorite of many when doing reruns of the game.

While it is not the strongest magnum of them all, it was a great boost for players in the beginning, especially with its unlimited ammo.

The Handcannon can be obtained by completing the game on Professional Mode without the use of any other bonus weapons, which are the Chicago Sweeper and Primal Knife.

3) Primal Knife

RE4 Remake Primal Knife

This weapon became a favorite of Resident Evil 4 Remake players who love to kill enemies with knives since it never breaks.

While this is not the strongest knife in the game, it is certainly worth it if you tend to use a knife often to block or parry enemy attacks.

You can obtain the Primal Knife by destroying all 16 Clockwork Castellans in the main story across any game.


Some may be wondering about the Infinite Rocket Launcher not being on our list and this is because it can only be obtained on New Game Plus games.

Each of these weapons comes in handy in different ways, especially granting players infinite ammo with the two guns and indestructibility for the knife.

These weapons may be taken from your storage at any time once you are in a game, allowing you to use them as much as you want.

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