Matched Slicers: Crafting Requirements & Upgrades…

Matched Slicers MHW

The Matched Slicers is a Low Tier craftable weapon as part of the Ore Tree from the Dual Blades family .

This weapon can be upgraded up to 3 times before progressing into the Dual Slicers path or branching out into the Tzitzi-Ya-Ku or the Kulu-Ya-Ku Tree.

Equipment Information




Matched Slicers I

112Mid Range0%None1
Matched Slicers II128Mid Range0%None


Matched Slicers III140Mid Range0%None


Crafting Requirements

Matched Slicers I

  • Iron Ore x1
  • 200 Zenny

Matched Slicers II

  • Iron Ore x2
  • 200 Zenny

Matched Slicers III

  • Earth Crystal x2
  • Machalite Ore x2
  • Iron Ore x5
  • 1000 Zenny


Matched Slicers I Upgrades

  • Match Slicer II (Ore)

Matched Slicers II Upgrades

  • Matched Slicers III (Ore)
  • Luminus DaggersI (Tzitzi-Ya-Ku)
  • Rending Beaks I (Kulu-Ya-Ku)

Matched Slicers III Upgrades

  • Dual Slicers I (Ore)

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