Apex Legends: Badges Guide

Note: this section only covers badges that can always be unlocked, previous event badges are not featured here.
Some badges have a standalone level while some have many tiers.

Legend Badges:

  • Wins: 1|5|15|50|100
  • Assassin (Games with 5 or more kills) 1|5|15|50|100
  • Wrath: (Most damage in one game) 2000|2500|3000|4000
  • Wake: (20 kills in one game) – 20
  • Triple-Triple: – 3 squad wipes in one game
  • Squad wipe: – 1 squad wipe in one game
  • Flawless victory 2: – nobody knocked during a winning game
  • Flawless victory 1: – nobody eliminated during a winning game
  • Hot streak: – two wins in a row with this legend
  • Shot caller: – win as jumpmaster
  • Apex predator: – win as kill leader
  • The legend continues: – win with the whole squad alive
  • Headshot Hotshot: Win a game with at least 5 headshot eliminations
  • Rapid elimination: In 20 seconds knock down 4 enemies.
  • Reinforcement Recall: Eliminate a player within 15 seconds of them being respawned.
  • No one left behind: Respawn two players at the same time.

Account Wide Badges:

  • Baller: own 125 legendary items
  • Banner legend: Equip something in all slots of 8 legends banners
  • Fashionista: Own a legendary skin and finisher for 8 legends
  • Fully kitted: Equip two gold or heirloom weapons at the same time
  • Master of all: Get 10 wins with 8 legends
  • Pack victory: win a game of trios with a full premade squad
  • Team. Work.: Win a game with a pre made squad where all members of the team get at least 3|5|7|10 kills
  • No witnesses: Win a game with a premade squad where the whole squad gets 15 eliminations, no enemies knocked down may ever be revived or respawned.
  • Long shot: Knock down a player from a range of 300m or more
  • Warlord: Own 15 legendary weapon skins
  • Well rounded: Deal 20,000 damage with 8 legends
  • Tiering me apart: In a ranked season reach – Bronze | Silver | Gold | Platinum | Diamond | Master | Apex Predator.
  • Battle pass badge: Reach level – 1|101|110 in a battle pass
  • Group theatrics: – win 1|2|3 games where every member of a pre made squad gets an elimination with a finisher.

Account Club Badges:

  • Club Player (Games played with a full club team): 1|25|100
  • Club Victory: Win a game with a club
  • The legend continues (Club): Win a game with club members only where everyone is alive at the end of the game.
  • Flawless victory 1 (Club): Win a club member only game where no member is eliminated
  • Flawless victory 2 (Club): Win a club member only game where no member is knocked down

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