Omari: All Keys Guide


Short guide that shows how to get all the key caps and when can you get them in the game Omari.

Important Notes

  • Location names, some events and important character names are hidden.
  • In order to complete the hangman and be able to access the area of Abyss that it unlocks you have to be in the hikikomori route.
  • G, Y, Z are not obtainable before you go into Black space in the hikikomori route, so don’t get stuck trying to look for them.
  • Some keys you get are not in order but most of them are.
  • The keys in bold font are needed to go into Black space and continue the story after defeating Humphrey in every route, don´t forget the T.
  • Don’t waste your time trying to get all the keys if you are not doing the hikikomori route.
  • Getting a key that gets discarded in the hangman doesn´t change anything, only getting them all in the hikikomori route is relevant, don’t get scared if you do pick up a key.

Story Progression

This only indicates when you will be able to get the keys. The T key is important to progress, but it´s hard to miss so don´t worry. But the full hangman is only relevant in the hikikomori route.

Don´t hesitate and grab every key you are able to get.

X key is advised to get when you have high level characters even if you get access to Orange oasis early. You get there by train.

  • A B C D E – You can get them after going to sleep first night, getting the hangman menu and leaving White space.
  • F H I J K – You can get them after following shadow Basil  in the Outerworld.
  • L M N O P Q R S – You can get them after going into the hole in Sweetheart´s stage.
  • T U V – You can get them after getting in Humphrey.
  • W – You get it after beating Humphrey.
  • G Y Z – You can get them after the dream world reset. (hikikomori exclusive)

You will be able to get every key after that in the hikikomori route, even the keys that are inside of Humphrey.


  • A – After you get the hangman menu and leave white space. follow the red steps.
  • B – On the foggy bridge in the Vast Forest.
  • C – Found by climbing the ladder in the Vast Forest .
  • D – Containers in the Otherworld garbage place.
  • E – Space Boyfriend’s House after waking him up, under the glowing pillow.
  • F – Following Basil through the forest in the Otherworld after you beat Space Boyfriend in the frame inside the barn.
  • G – Going to the snow area after dream world reset. Give the batteries Space Boyfriend’s dad gives you to the fish on the igloo and go down the hatch. (Hikikomori exclusive)
  • H – In the Lost forest, travel down from the Pluto Transport Pad in the Pyrefly forest, until you reach the area with the tracks, and the lake with a ladder and a bear in front of it. To the right of the tracks there is a potted plant spider and past him is a small area where the H key is.
  • I – In Sweetheart’s dungeon after you get .
  • J – Cage in Sweetheart’s Castle in the room that’s after the kitchen.
  • K – Art gallery in Sweetheart’s Castle.
  • L – In the Lost library .
  • M – In the bottom of the long ladder after getting into the Deep well.
  • N – Last Resort, in the casino area.
  • O – Found in the haunted pool next to the Last Resort.
  • P – Last Resort, in the men’s bathroom.
  • Q – Last Resort, in one of the elevators.
  • R – Go to the 4th floor of Last Resort and start going up. Just, keep going up until you can’t anymore.
  • S – In a shell on the road after the last toll in the Underwater highway.
  • T – In the area you go when you go up in the first room after entering Humphrey (Medusa’s area). Found in a bubbly tank when you get chased by an experiment. You can grab it after the chase so don’t worry. Seems to get dropped alongside the W after defeating Humphrey if you don´t grab it before.
  • U – In the area you go when you go right in the first room after entering Humphrey (Medusa’s area). On the water slide, always left.
  • V – In the area you go when you go left in the first room after entering Humphrey (Molly’s area). In a cage in the conveyor belt bomb puzzle (Green puzzle area).
  • W – Found after defeating Humphrey.
  • X – Dino Dig, 3rd floor, bottom right pile, the treasure map helps you find it if lost.
  • Y – The field outside the igloo before you go into Snowglobe, up and right in the new snow area. (Hikikomori exclusive)
  • Z – Found in The Abyss after doing a dream world reset in the Hikikomori Ending, talk to the guy at the end of the Underwater highway . (Hikikomori exclusive)

What happens when you complete hangman?

When you complete hangman go to Abyss where you got the Z. There will be more to explore. Keep going deeper.

These two ITR´s videos will help you out if you get lost or if you are having a hard time getting the tentacles. It´s advised to go first without seeing the videos.

Apart from this guide, if you want us to cover any other guide related to the game “Omari” do let us know in the comment section. We’re happy to do that for our readers. We’ve also covered few more guides related to this game, kindly check the related posts section below.

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