How To Ping in Farlight 84

In any competitive game, communication is a great way to improve the chances of success as this allows you to communicate with your team.

If you are not a fan of typing or shouting into your microphone or prefer not to hear anyone speak, you can always resort to dropping a Ping when needed.

You can Ping in Farlight 84, which allows you to mark a location, target, loot, and more so that your teammates know what’s up.

Ping Farlight 94

How To Ping?

You can Ping by aiming at a location or an object and pressing the key or button assigned to the Ping action, which will mark what is in your crosshair.

If you ping an enemy, there will be a red marker, notifying your team where you last saw an enemy, which is a good way to call for backup.

Pinging locations are good for telling your team where to go and pinging items will inform them of an item that they may need.

How To Remove Ping?

Pings will go away after a while depending on what type of Ping you have put down or if you create another one.

An item that has been Pinged will disappear once a player picks it up while a location Ping will disappear if the player has Pinged another location or if it expires.

Enemy Pings will go away after some time regardless of if the enemy that Pinged had already been defeated.

How To Change Ping Key Binding?

For PC, the Ping key binding is set to the Middle Mouse Button by default, but this can be altered by heading into settings and rebinding the action.

If you are using controllers, the only way to change the Ping button is to select a different controller preset, which may change the action’s assigned button.

In the future, it may be possible to reassign key bindings for controllers, so this is something you can look forward to if you want to change controller key bindings.


Being able to Ping in the game is a great way to communicate with your team as a single press of a button can say a lot.

While newer players or stubborn ones may ignore this, most players will notice them and assist you or heed what you have marked.

It is a good idea to make it a habit of using the Ping feature as it can make a huge difference when you and your team cooperate.

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