Omari: Picnic Baskets & Other Special Locations

This guide will contain minor spoilers for locations in the game, but other than that there’s nothing major.
This guide contains the locations of Mari’s Picnics, Floating Mirrors, Telescopes, Jokes, Peculiar Face Spots, Hangout (“uwu”) Spots, Tentacles, and Bread Doors.



Just a disclaimer: If you are aiming to get the achievements for visiting all picnic baskets, mirrors, telescopes, etc., they are only available in the Hikikomori route.

If you are playing the game for the first time, I recommend not worrying about getting everything on the first try, and just enjoying the game.

This guide is mostly spoiler free. It will include area names and such, and anything that could be considered a spoiler outside of that will be censored.

Some important things to note for this guide is that:

Snowglobe Mountain is exclusive to the Hikikomori route.
Humphrey’s area will disappear after cleared, so it’s important to get everything there while you can. However it can be accessed again on Day 4 if you’re doing the Hikikomori route.

Mari’s Picnics

There are some picnics that do not have Mari present that still count for the achievement. I have marked them with [Basket and Refreshment].

Vast Forest:
-On the playground
-Before Basil’s House
-Up the ladder in Pinwheel Forest

-Otherworld Campsite
-Halfway through the Junkyard
-At the end of the Junkyard
-At Frozen Lake

Orange Oasis:
-Right below the orange lake to the right of Dino’s Dig
-Inside the shimmering spot in the orange lake (Rain Town)

-[Basket and Refreshment] In Breaven before fighting the Bread Twins.
Pyrefly Forest:
-In the middle of the forest
-At the end of the forest
-In Sprout Mole VillageSweetheart’s Castle:
-In the bottom floor of the dungeon
-In the dormitory past the kitchen
-[Basket and Refreshment] Beneath the trapdoor that leads to Sweetheart’s show
-[Basket and Refreshment] Inside the Lost Library after having read all books, room to the bottom left
Deep Well:
-In front of Last Resort
-In the elevator of Last Resort
-On the fourth floor of Last Resort through right door
-[Basket and Refreshment] In the elevator to Mr. Jawsum’s office
-At the end of Toll RoadHumphrey:
-In Molly’s sector
-Midway through Marina’s sector
-At the beginning of Medusa’s sector
-[Basket and Refreshment] The lower level of HumphreySnowglobe Mountain:
-After the first cave, north of where you come out
-At the end of the mountain

Floating Mirrors

Vast Forest:
-On the playground
-Up the ladder in Pinwheel ForestOtherworld:
-Otherworld CampsiteOrange Oasis:
-At the top of the map, slightly right of Dino’s DigPyrefly Forest:
-In the middle of the forest
-At the bottom of Sprout Mole Village in the treadmill roomSweetheart’s Castle:
-In the dormitory past the kitchenDeep Well:
-On the first floor of Last Resort
-Right past the first toll on Toll RoadHumphrey:
-In Molly’s sector (the left path of three)

Snowglobe Mountain:
-Before the second cave, to the left


-At Otherworld’s LakeOrange Oasis:
-At the very top left of the map, above Dino’s DigDeep Well:
-In between the first and second toll on Toll RoadSnowglobe Mountain:
-Before the second cave, to the right


If you’re looking to complete Weeping Willow’s quest, then the only joke you need is the construction joke that’s around the first toll booth.

-At the top of the Junkyard
-In the middle of Cattail Field

Orange Oasis:
-To the bottom right of Dino’s Dig

Pyrefly Forest:
-In Sprout Mole Village above the Christmas Sprout Mole’s room

Deep Well:
-Next to Last Resort
-At the top of the map on the way around the first toll booth

Snowglobe Mountain:
-In the igloo

Peculiar Face Spots

The significance of peculiar face spots is that you can smash through them with Aubrey and get some nice rewards inside. I’m fairly certain all of them contain jam packets which is very useful. Unless I’m mistaken, I believe you can’t smash through them until you talk to the peculiar face guy who’s to the bottom right in Orange Oasis.

-East of town where all the traffic cones are

Orange Oasis:
-To the very bottom right of the main map

Pyrefly Forest:
-Next to Weeping Willow’s lake

Sweetheart’s Castle:
-In the top right of the art gallery

Deep Well:
-At the end of Toll Road before Deeper Well

Deeper Well:
-At the first fork, take the leftmost teleport all the way to the end

-When solving the medium (green) difficulty puzzle, it’s in the camera room in Molly’s sector
-Midway through Marina’s sector
-In the library part of Medusa’s sector

Snowglobe Mountain:
-In the cave before the top of the mountain

Hangout (“uwu”) Spots

As far as I know, there is no specific achievement or reason to go to all the hangout spots, but I took note of them anyway.

In every bread door, there is a hangout spot.

Neighbor’s Room:
-Cards in the middle

Vast Forest:
-Beach north of playground
-Up the ladder in Pinwheel Forest (after beating Kite Kid)

-At the top of the Junkyard
-At Frozen Lake

Pyrefly Forest:
-At the bottom of Sprout Mole Village in the treadmill room (after the power is restored after going out)

Sweetheart’s Castle:
-In the middle of the theater
-In the middle of Sweetheart’s garden

Deep Well:
-On the fourth floor of Last Resort in the left room
-In the cafe on Toll Road in between the second and third toll

Snowglobe Mountain:
-In the large snowy field to the lower left of the igloo


The significance of the tentacles is after fighting Abbi in the bottom of the Abyss, if you spare her, then each tentacle across the world will give you a special item. You have to be doing the hikikomori route to be able to go to the Abyss. To go to the abyss talk to the hitchiker at the end of the road on Day 4. Additionally, I will be listing what each one gives under the spoiler tags.

Neighbor’s Room:
Gives Aubrey’s ultimate weapon, the Baseball Bat

Vast Forest:
-On train station side of Pinwheel Forest right before Foggy Bridge
Gives Kel’s ultimate weapon, the Basketball

-To the area left of the ladder where you first enter Otherworld
Gives the Headband accessory

Orange Oasis:
-To the left of Dino’s Dig
Gives the Chef’s Hat accessory

Pyrefly Forest:
-Next to Weeping Willow’s lake
Gives the Cough Mask accessory

Sweetheart’s Castle:
-In the secret cell
It is to the right through a secret passage.
Gives Omori’s ultimate weapon, the Red Knife
Deep Well:
-Past the third toll, at the end of Toll Road
Gives Hero’s ultimate weapon, Ol’ ReliableSnowglobe Mountain:
-After the first cave, to the right
Gives the Pretty Bow accessory

Bread Doors

Bread Doors are only accessible after you get Hero back from Mr. Jawsum.
Something special to note is that the bread door in the Last Resort has an attack buff for Hero in it.Otherworld:
-At Otherworld Lake, inside the trailerOrange Oasis:
-Very right of Dino’s DigPyrefly Forest:
-In the water, past the waterfall, in the area with the Rare BearDeep Well:
-On the first floor of the Last Resort, in the upper right
Apart from this guide, if you want us to cover any other guide related to the game “Omari” do let us know in the comment section. We’re happy to do that for our readers. We’ve also covered few more guides related to this game, kindly check the related posts section below.
Written by: Starzipper

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