Omari: Recycling Machine Mini Guide

Grinding for the “Recycling is a Concept” reward was a little frustrating to do when I had no clear idea how many items needed to be donated. So in my second play-through I kept track of how many items and what kind I donated and what rewards I received from the machine, including when I got the steam achievement. Hopefully by sharing my experience I can help others out aiming for the achievement and rewards! Spoiler warning if you’d rather not know what rewards you get?

Intro + Disclaimer

So, I’m sure this guide has been HIGHLY requested so here I am giving the people the knowledge they truly desire…

How many damn cans do you need to grind for in order to get the steam achievement??

All jokes aside, I know this info isn’t exactly essential but I happened to jot it all down during my latest play-through: hopefully it helps at least 1 other player?

DISCLAIMER: The numbers I’ll be providing are simply what I experienced in my play-throughs. The numbers needed for each reward might vary each time (ie be randomised by the game), but from memory at least the first 2 rewards required the same number of items in all my play-through’s so far. If anyone else happens to keep track of the number of items they collected let me know if your numbers are the same as mine! Once we’re sure it’s not set numbers and not randomised I can remove this disclaimer.

Rewards + Number of items needed to donate

Reward 1 : Seer Goggles
charm stat boost = Defence +1, Luck +3, Hit Rate +200

Items donated:
Cans: 5
I obtained these 5 from the cans dotted around the Junkyard map.

Reward 2 : Flashlight
charm stat boost = Defence +4

Items Donated:
Cans: 6
Glass Bottles: 3
Cardboard: 1
Again, I got all these from just the Junkyard map.

Reward 3 : Cellphone
charm stat boost = Defence +10

Items Donated:
Cans: 11
Glass Bottles: 4
Cardboard: 5
Dead Batteries: 2
Computer Parts: 3
By this point, I donated all the items I found in the Junkyard map and a fair few I found in the Deep Well.

Reward 4 : Universal Remote AND Steam Achievement!
charm stat boost = Heart +10, Juice +10, Attack +5, Defence +5, Speed +5, Luck +5

Items Donated:
Cans: 29
Glass Bottles: 4
Cardboard: 7
Dead Batteries: 2
Computer Parts: 8

After obtaining the Cellphone, I had run out of recycling items obtainable in the over-world. From that point on, I farmed Cans by entering battles in the Junkyward (Kel will rummage in the garbage at the start of every battle). From about level 16+ you can run away from all foes with no trouble, so I just stood in front of an enemy and repeatedly entered and left fights.

This took longer than I’d have liked, probably somewhere around 3 or 4 hours. If you’re really keen on getting all achievements/want that sweet sweet universal remote, be prepared to sit and grind for a while.

Apart from this guide, if you want us to cover any other guide related to the game “Omari” do let us know in the comment section. We’re happy to do that for our readers. We’ve also covered few more guides related to this game, kindly check the related posts section below.

Written by: nomochan

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