Apex Legends: Trident Guide

Tridents are fast moving, indestructible vehicles that can be found in set points on the map.

Tridents have unlimited fuel and a strong boost is activated with L-mouse by default.

When a trident falls off the map, all its passengers get a jump tower effect, this can intentionally be used as a one way method of moving past areas where tridents normally cannot travel through in set locations, or as a way to spare legends lives who accidently collide their cars together, which sends them flying.

Cars act as solid terrain, most placeables can be put on them, gibraltars dome of protection sticks to the car too, which can help with trident rotations.

Ramparts minigun can be placed upon it, along with nox gas traps, interception pylons and perimeter security nodes.

Tridents can be launched by octanes bounce pads and will fly very far.

Mixed reports about amped cover placement (will be clarified later).
Also mixed reports about wraiths portals.

When a trident is shot at, all legends in the car take 15% of the damage that would be dealt. for a total of 45% if three legends are on the trident.

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