Genshin Impact Three Poignant Perfumes Quest

Genshin Three Poignant Perfumes (Archon Quest)

As you continue with the steps in preparing for Rex Lapis Rite of Parting, you now need to go ahead to find the right mix of perfumes.

Since the Rite of Parting is very important, it is only fitting that you get the exact aroma that Zhongli suggested.

You will need to gather the right resources to make the perfume for the Rite of Parting with a little help from some of the locals.

How To Get Three Poignant Perfumes?

Three Poignant Perfumes quest is obtained after you have completed the Moonfinger quest, continuing the process of you helping out with the Rite of Passing.

Three Poignant Perfumes Quest Objectives

1) Go and Buy Silk Flowers

For the next step on your list of preparations, you will need to buy Silk Flowers which are the main ingredient in making the perfume.

Head to the lowest level of Liyue Harbor and then head under the pier to find Bolai, after a short exchange of words, Bolai decides to hand them for free.

2) Seek Lan’s Advice

Head around the Liyue Harbor to find Lan to seek advice, who can be found outside the Adventurer’s Guild.

As you speak with Lan it seems she does not seem to be the type who dabbles in perfume but instead redirects you to someone else for advice.

3) Seek Qiming’s Advice

You will need to go to Qiming a Fortune Teller, you’ll find her nearby and she will be marked on your map by a waypoint.

Head east past the Adventurer’s Guild and drop down to find her standing near a Statue and you can begin talking to her.

Once again, she’s not quite the person you’re looking for, but she will give you the best candidate for making perfume.

4) Seek Ying’er’s Advice

Head across the Wanmin Restaurant and Speak with Ying’er and it will appear that she has been waiting for you.

It turns out that she heard a rumor about a couple who were snooping around town looking for a sweet-smelling lady, which is her.

Ying’er agrees to help you out in making the perfume and decides that you will meet at the Wanmin Restaurant despite any of the options you choose.

5) Rendezvous with Ying’er

Head across to the Wanmin Restaurant and speak with Ying’er, who will make you her assistant as the perfume is being made.

6) Fetch Some Water

You will need to go to the back of the Restaurant to get some water, which can be done by heading over to the bucket with water and clicking “Draw Water” to get it.

7) Talk to Ying’er

As you return to Ying’er, she teaches you how to extract the juices from the Silk Flower during a short dialogue.

8) Grind the Silk Flowers to Extract the Essence (0/3)

Ying’er asks you to do it on your own using a nearby Crafting Bench, and she reminds you to don’t forget to do all three because they look visually identical during the essence.

You will need to craft the essence from all the Silk Flowers, which consist of Golden House Maiden, Valley Weaver, and Fate’s Yearning.

9) Give the Silk Flower Essence to Ying’er

Head back to Ying’er and speak with her to give her the Silk Flower Essence and she will be surprised at how well you did.

Ying’er will talk more about the scents and afterward, the dialogue will end, resulting in you needing to meet up with Zhongli.

10) Offer the Perfumes to the Statue of the Seven

With the three perfumes in your hand, you will need to take them to the Statue of Seven that Zhongli mentioned.

Use the teleport waypoint and go to the Statue of the Seven at Sea of Clouds Liyue, where you’ll find Zhongli waiting.

Head on over and speak with him and a cutscene will play, he will be thanking the two of you by making the exact scent of perfume for the Rite of Parting and the quest will be complete.

Three Poignant Perfumes Rewards

After you have completed Three Poignant Perfumes quest, you will receive Adventure EXP, and Mora as well as additional rewards.

The rewards come in the following amounts:

  • 525 Adventure EXP
  • 19,125 Mora

Additionally, you will receive:

  • 7 Adventurer’s Experience
  • 4 Mystic Enhancement Ore

Completing this quest will award the Wonders of the World Achievement “That Smells Divine


The Rite of Passing has very high standards and the perfume was no exception but thankfully, Zhongli is somewhat of an expert with it.

The Traveler finally met the perfume maker named Ying’er, with the help of the other locals after searching all over Liyue Harbor.

Now that the perfume has been made, there is yet to be another step before the Rite of Passing may begin and Zhongli already has it planned out for you.

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