Genshin Impact Moonfinger Quest

Genshin Impact Moonfinger (Archon Quest)

When the quest begins, you agree to help Zhongli to organize the Rite of Parting, in hope of seeing the Geo Archon again.

Following your participation in the Rite of Passing will be to obtain a Noctilucous Jade, which is used during the event.

You will need to accompany Zhongli as he searches for this item and makes sure that things go smoothly with the help of Childe’s funding.

How To Get Moonfinger?

The Moonfinger quest is obtained after you have completed the quest called An Organization Known as the Wangsheng.

Moonfinger Quest Objectives

1) Go and Buy Noctilucous Jade

To get your preparations for the rite underway, Zhongli tasked you with purchasing some Noctilucous Jade. 

Head towards the waypoint and you will see Shitou, who you will need to speak with as he will have some in stock.

While there are three different pieces, Zhongli decides to purchase but instead, you get samples first to check out which one has the best quality.

2) Look for the Meaty Tribe’s Giant Cooking Pot

To test the samples, you will need to head over to a place where you can heat them and cool them down.

The path we chose was at the Meaty Tribe’s giant cooking pot in Dadaupa Gorge, which is quite easy to access.

If you have unlocked the nearby domain or a Teleport Waypoint, you can use it to get there faster and simply glide down toward the pot.

3) Defeat the Hilichurls

Once you reach the giant pot, there will be Hilichurls in the area and you will need to defeat them before you can use it.

Clear out all the Hilichurls in the area and once they have been dealt with, you will be able to start testing out the Noctilucous Jade samples.

4) Use Pyro to Heat the Pot

Paimon will instruct you on how to heat the pot, which you will need to do to test out the quality of the Noctilucous Jade samples.

Use any character that has Pyro element to start but be prepared as there will be enemies attempting to interfere.

5) Defeat the Hilichurls

There are 3 bars to fill in the required temperature of the pot by using your Pyro Character, for each bar you finish, a group of Hilichurls interrupts your procedure.

You will need to repeat the “Use Pyro to Heat the Pot” and “Defeat the Hilichurls” objectives until you have filled up the bars.

6) Return to Liyue Harbor and Find Shitou

Make your way back to Liyue Harbor and go back to Shitou, speak with him and inform him of your decision to purchase the third Noctilucous Jade.

7) Put the Noctilucous Jade in Place

Now that you have what you came for, head over to Yujing Terrace so that you can place the Noctilucous Jade where the rite will be held.

Once you reach the area, a spot will be marked where you will need to interact to place the jade and afterward a short cutscene begins.

During the cutscene, Zhongli talks more about the Rite of Passing and mentions where the Exuvia is being kept.

Moonfinger Rewards

After you have completed the Moonfinger quest, you will receive Adventure EXP, and Mora as well as additional rewards.

The rewards come in the following amounts:

  • 625 Adventure EXP
  • 22,850 Mora

Additionally, you will receive:

  • 30 Primogem
  • 2 Hero’s Wit
  • 5 Mystic Enhancement Ore


As it seems, only the best of items should be used in something as important as the Rite of Passing and now you have one item off the list.

There will be more that is needed though but Zhongli is already one step ahead and has everything planned out.

The preparation for the Rite of Passing is still at hand and there is more to do but bit by bit things seem to be going well.

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