Genshin Impact Welcome to the Adventurers’ Guild Quest

Genshin Impact Welcome to the Adventurers' Guild

Welcome to the Adventurer’s Guild is a World Quest that introduces you to your Adventurer Handbook with the help of Katheryne, a member of the Adventurer’s Guild.

This quest will teach you how to access all your rewards and important information in regards to leveling up your Adventure Rank.

During the quest you will need to interact with an Adventurer’s Guild member in order to become an official member, as said by Paimon.

How To Get Welcome to the Adventurer’s Guild Quest?

After completing Prologue: Act I, The Outlander Who Caught the Wind the Welcome to the Adventurer’s Guild quest will automatically be added to your current quests as a World Quest.

Welcome to the Adventurer’s Guild Quest Objectives

Talk to Katheryne for More Details

The location of Katheryne will be marked by a waypoint in the form of a question mark and you will need to head over to where she is.

You will need to talk to Katheryne once you find her in Mondstadt and she will explain how you would collect your Adventure Rank rewards.

After Katheryne is done explaining about the Adventure Rank Rewards, you will need to open up your Adventure Rank Rewards menu..

In the Adventure Rank Rewards menu, you will need to claim your rewards and may exit the menu afterward to complete the quest.

Depending on your current Adventurer Rank, you will be able to claim multiple rewards for each rank that you have reached.

After you have claimed your rewards, Katheryne will welcome you to the Adventurer’s Guild and the quest will be complete.

Welcome to the Adventurer’s Guild Rewards

After completing the Welcome to the Adventurer’s Guild quest, you will receive Adventure EXP along with other rewards.

The rewards come in the following amounts:

  • 100 Adventure EXP

Additionally, you will receive the following:

  • 1 Adventurer’s Bandana
  • 20 Primogem
  • 3 Enhancement Ore


Basically, after you meet Katheryne at Mondstadt, you will receive your Adventurer Handbook, which helps you manage your Adventure Rank and commission rewards.

Paimon loves the fact that you are now an official member of the Adventurer’s Guild and now you have a way to prove it.

Thanks to the Adventurer’s Handbook, you can now learn more about how to progress with your Adventurer Level and what requirements there will be in the future.


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