Destiny 2 How to Get Sturm & It’s Catalyst in 2024

Destiny 2 Sturm

The Sturm is a powerful Hand Cannon that features high damage and a larger magazine capacity at the cost of reload speed.

Sturm is capable of dealing large amounts of damage, especially when dealing precision damage to enemies and even players.

Using Sturm provides your energy weapons with a way to passively replenish their magazines, making it a perfect alternate weapon if you use one.

How To Get Sturm?

To obtain Sturm you will first need to obtain a legendary weapon called Drang, which is rewarded after completing the Exodus Black missions.

The Exodus Black missions will be available from Failsafe on Nessus once you have completed the main campaign and reached level 20.

The last mission in the Exodus Black series called “My Captain” will reward you with Drang, which also ends up with you having a quest item.

You will need to travel to The Tower and speak with the Cryptarch who will give you a quest item for the “Relics of the Golden Age” quest.

Complete the “Relics of the Golden Age” quest and you will then need to head to Tyra Karn, who gives you the next quest and returns to her to receive a Golden Age Engram.

Decrypting this engram will reward you with Sturm.

Sturm PerksSturm Kinetic Weapon

1) Extended Barrel (Barrel)

Weighty barrel extension.

  • Increases range
  • Decreases handling speed
  • Moderately controls recoil

2) Extended Mag (Magazine)

This weapon has a greatly increased magazine size but reloads much slower.

  • Greatly increases magazine size
  • Greatly decreases reload speed

3) Storm and Stress (Trait)

Kills with Drang reload this weapon and overflow bonus damage round into the magazine.

4) Combat Grip (Grip)

This weapon’s recoil direction is more vertical.

  • Greatly controls recoil

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Sturm Intrinsic Traits


Kills with this weapon fill the magazine of the equipped energy weapon from reserves.

This allows you to easily replenish your energy weapon when it is holstered when you switch to Sturm and kill enemies, providing it with ammo when you switch back.

How to Get Sturm Catalyst?

There is no need to complete any specific quest to get the Sturm Catalyst. Rather it can be obtained by defeating enemies on Nessus, giving it a small chance to drop as you make kills.

The Sturm catalyst increases the range of Sturm by 18 and its handling by 36, making it quite a powerful long-range accurate weapon.

This catalyst can be unlocked by defeating 500 enemies each while having both Sturm and Drang equipped.


Sturm is a powerful weapon and it compliments any other energy weapons that you may equip since it can replenish its magazine.

This weapon can deal a large amount of damage from afar and what it lacks in reload speed, it makes up for large ammo reserves.

Players can make use of Sturm as a long-range weapon once its catalyst has been unlocked, making it a perfect backup or main weapon at any range.

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