RE4 Remake Costumes List (Leon & Ashley)

Resident Evil 4 Remake All Costumes

If you have played some of the past Resident Evil games, you may be aware that there are different costumes that you can use in the game.

These provide you with a new look and sometimes a different feel to the game or can just be plain fun for others.

While costumes are not always available at the start of the game, you can eventually unlock them later on by completing the game.

How To Change a Costume in Resident Evil 4 Remake?Changing Costumes in RE4 Remake

To change a costume for Leon or Ashley, you will need to be in the main menu, which is where you can select the main story and then extras.

In the extras menu, choose the costumes option for either Leon or Ashley and you will be able to see what they have available.

Once you see a costume that you want to equip, simply select it and then head back to continue playing the game.

How To Get Costumes?

Costumes can be obtained by either completing the game, which will get you Leon’s Pinstripe costume, and Ashley’s after completing the main story on Hardcore with an A rank.

The other costumes are obtainable via the DLC, which provides you with several choices for Leon and a few cute ones for Ashley.

Obtaining the other costumes will cost CP, which you will be able to acquire as you complete Chapters and challenges.

Costumes will be permanently acquired as they only need to be purchased once and can be used anytime from the menu.

Leon DLC Costumes

Leon has gotten some serious makeovers with the different costumes that he has from the DLC, which can sometimes make the game more fun to play due to the looks.

1) Hero Costume

Leon Hero costume

Leon’s Hero costume gives him the look of a classy old protector, which may have a connection to the whole theme of Resident Evil 4 Remake, being that there is a castle and all.

2) Villain Costume

Leon Villain costume

Those who feel like being a villain or anti-hero might favor this look as it shows Leon’s darker side as it looks like he’s an assassin of some sort.

3) Casual Costume

Leon Casual look costume in RE4 Remake

The casual looks remind us of what Leon might have been back when he was in Racoon city, probably a rookie or simply someone who is on vacation.

4) Romantic Costume

Leon Romantic costume in RE4 Remake

The Romantic skin as it gives off a vampiric look that feels like it’s straight out of Castlevania and you can partner this with Ashley’s Romantic costume too.

Ashley DLC Costumes

Ashley of course shouldn’t be left out and while she does not have as many costumes as Leon, she still gets her makeovers.

1) Casual Costume

Ashley Casual look costume in RE4 Remake

Ashley’s casual costume gives a more rebellious vibe to the character, which some players have found cute and related to her attitude.

2) Romantic Costume

Ashley Romantic costume

Loved by some players, especially as this pairs with Leon’s romantic costume, and it does suit her in some way.

Unlockable Costumes

1) Leon Pinstripe Costume

Returning to Resident Evil 4 Remake is the Pinstripe Costume, which we got to use during the original Resident Evil 4.

This brings back a lot of memories and looks extremely well when using the Chicago Typewriter, giving off a mafia vibe.

2) Ashley Armor Costume

Another returning costume is Ashley’s Armor Costume, which not only gives a funny look to the character but it also has some perks.

The Armor Costume protects Ashley, making it less of a hassle to get things done without her getting killed often.


Capcom never disappoints us with the added extras in the game and these have always been a joy to use and unlock.

While not everything is available at first, completing the game to get such rewards or purchasing the DLCs are worth it in its way.

The Resident Evil 4 Remake costumes are a nice touch to the game and probably more will be added in the future.

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