Equinox Prime Released

The master of duality, the shifter of night and day, the revenant of dusk and dawn is here! After the long wait, the variant of one of the most unique frames has finally come into the fray.

Equinox Prime

Equinox Prime is finally here and is looking amazing with its elegant new appearance. Players now have the chance to acquire and use this magnificent new Warframe.

Equinox Prime is available through Prime Access which can be purchased with a choice of different packs that may contain bonus weapons, cosmetics and Platinum depending on the package chosen.

Equinox Prime - Prime Access

How to Farm Equinox Prime

Like all Prime Warframes players can open relics to acquire parts to build equinox prime.

How to Farm Equinox Prime

The Equinox Prime comes in a more elegant design along with its Orokin details. Its night and day form have also gone magnificent changes and the base stats of the Warframe will guarantee better survivability and gameplay.

The following relics contains what is needed to craft Equinox Prime: 

Blueprint: Axi K5

Neuroptics: Meso M3

Chassis: Lith M4

Systems: Meso E2

Prime Weapons

Along with the release of Equinox Prime, there are two new Prime weapons released which are the Stradavar Prime and the Tipedo Prime that have new elegant designs and changed stats. The new Prime weapons are available along with Prime Access or farmable through relics.

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