Tipedo Prime Stats

Tipedo Prime - 1

The Tipedo Prime has an all new look as well as stat changes:

  • Attack Speed: 1.17 (1.33 for Tipedo)
  • Critical Chance: 24% (20% for Tipedo)
  • Critical Multiplier: 2.4x (2x for Tipedo)
  • Leap Attack: 76 (50 for Tipedo)
  • Spin Attack: 163 (107 for Tipedo)
  • Status Chance: 24% (20% for Tipedo)
  • Wall Attack: 127 (83 for Tipedo)
  • Impact Damage: 7.6 (5 for Tipedo)
  • Puncture Damage: 7.6 (5 for Tipedo)
  • Slash Damage: 60.8 (40 for Tipedo)
  • The parts recquired to craft the Tipedo Prime can be acquired from the following:
  • Blueprint:       Lith P2 Common
  • Handle:          Axi T2 Rare
  • Ornament:     Neo N10 Uncommon

Equinox Prime has been waited for by players for some time and now that it is finally out many can enjoy the gameplay they have enjoyed with the Prime variant of this Warframe. The master of night and day, time to grab this elegant Warframe! Good Luck Tenno!

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