Teostra the Infernal (Main Quest) in MHW

Teostra the Infernal mhw main quest

  • Quest Type: Main Quest
  • Quest Location: Elder’s Recess
  • Quest Rank: 8

Investigations about the elder dragon roaming around in the Wildspire Waste have led to the conclusion that the monster is named Teostra, Emperor Of Flame or also called the Peerless One.

The Hunstman confirms that its location is in Elder’s Recess and brings up a challenge on who can defeat the monster first.

Your objective is to search for Teostra The Infernal in the lower areas of Elder’s Recess and slay it before it can head to the Wildspire Waste and cause trouble.


Your task will be to locate the Teostra within the bowels of Elder’s Recess and kill it to prevent it from causing a disturbance in the Wildspire Waste.


As you start from camp, you will need to make your way towards Sector 12 which you will reach by following the blue scoutlfies trail.

Once you reach the lava area in Sector 12, you will need to follow the scoutflies going into a tunnel that heads to Sector 13, which is where the Teostra will be waiting.

Once you have gone through the tunnel, a cutscene will play, introducing the Teostra which will begin to attack you.

Fight off the Teostra and deal enough damage to force it to run away so that you can chase it and continue your attack.

Once enough damage has been dealt to the Teostra, it will attempt to escape to another area and since the only connected area is Sector 12, the monster will head there.

Continue repeating the process of damaging it and following it until you put its health into a critical state.

After dealing enough damage to the Teostra, it will retreat to Sector 13 and begin to rest in an attempt to recover from the fight.

The Teostra will be vulnerable at this point and you can easily get the jump on it, finishing it off in mere seconds.

Quest Rewards

After you have slain the Teostra, the Teostra The Infernal quest will be complete and you will be rewarded with 18,000 Zenny.

A quest called Land Of Convergence will be available later on after completing Teostra The Infernal

and the following quests:


  • Be careful of the area around you when fighting the Teostra as you can easily be burned and damaged from the lava and fire in the area.
  • Do not forget to roll when you catch fire during the fight to put out the flames and avoid taking too much damage over time.
  • Try to stay out of the Teostra’s front area and focus on attacking from the sides to avoid getting knocked over by its brute force or from catching fire from its breath.
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