Hellish Fiend Vaal Hazak (Main Quest) in MHW

Hellish Fiend Vaal Hazak mhw main quest

  • Quest Type: Main Quest
  • Quest Location: Rotten Vale
  • Quest Rank: 8

After an expedition in the Rotten Vale where you have successfully investigated, it has been hypothesized that the effluvium within the Rotten Vale is caused by the elder dragon called Vaal Hazak.

In order to prove that this theory is correct, you have been asked to head to the Rotten Vale and find the monster and figure out if it is indeed the cause of the effluvium in the area.

You will be tasked with heading to the deepest part of the Rotten Vale to where the monsters have been traced and slay it to allow further studying.


The objective of the Hellish Fiend Vaal Hazak quest is to search the lower parts of the Rotten Vale and follow tracks to find the elder dragon Vaal Hazak and slay it.


Start off by making your way towards Sector 14 which is where your scoutflies will eventually lead you with a blue trail.

A good place to start out would be Central Camp (11) as it is most likely unlocked by now and gives you space to gather other resources you may need.

As you arrive in Sector 14, there will be a tight passage that you need to go through which will lead into Sector 16.

Once you have entered Sector 16, a short cutscene will begin and you will shortly have to face Vaal Hazak in its lair.

Start fighting the Vaal Hazak and watch out for enemies that may be nearby while you attempt to do as much damage as possible.

After you have dealt enough damage to the monster, it will attempt to flee to another area before it continues to attack you.

The most obvious area it will head to is Sector 14 which you will need to follow it into and continue attacking it.

Vaal Hazak may knock you back and forth between Sector 14 and 16 and you will need to fight it wherever it brings you or lure it into once sector to fight it in.

You will need to keep attacking the monster which can eventually lead you into other sectors such as Sector 12 before it attempts to run back to its lair when at critical health.

Once Vaal Hazak’s health is critical, it will attempt to head back to Sector 16 and will lie down and rest where it first appeared.

Take the opportunity of it resting and begin to land the final blows to slay the Vaal Hazak once you find it resting.

Quest Rewards

Once you have slain Vaal Hazak, the Hellish Fiend Vaal Hazak will be complete and you will be rewarded with 18,000 Zenny.

A quest called Land Of Convergence will be available later on after completing Hellish Fiend Vaal Hazak

and the following quests:


  • Vaal Hazak is capable of inflicting you with Effluvium buildup, which reduces your health to become reduced into half and you will need to stock up on Nulberry, Cleanser Booster or other means to cure the status effect.
  • Stay clear of the front of Vaal Hazak when it begins to charge at it will let loose attacks that can cause Effluvium Buildup to those who are hit.
  • Due to the monsters slow attacks, you can easily evade them but be sure to watch out for when it does its combo, causing multiple strikes slowly following each other up to 3 times.
  • Attacking from under or behind Vaal Hazak seems to be very effective due to its slow turning and its slow attack animations.
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