A Wound and a Thirst (Main Quest) in MHW

A Wound and a Thirst mhw mission

  • Quest Type: Main Quest
  • Quest Location: Elder’s Recess
  • Quest Rank: 8

The elder dragons are all riled up since the Nergigante has set its gaze upon them after you have previously thwarted its attempt to feed on Zorah Magdaros.

Since the elder dragons are out of control due to being hunted by the Nergigante, they can cause quite a lot of trouble in other areas which makes it a good reason to get rid of the predator.

You will need to head to Elder’s Recess and hunt the Nergigante to prevent it from stirring up the elder dragons even more.


This quest requires that you head over to Elder’s Recess and track down the Nergigante so you can put it down before any more trouble is caused.


Start out by heading to Elder’s Recess and follow the blue trail left by scoutflies which will lead you to Sector 9.

As you continue following the scoutflies in Sector 9, a cutscene will begin and the Nergigante will come into the scene.

Begin attacking the Nergigante and to deal enough damage to push it back but be careful not to get reckless as it can deal a lot of damage.

Lowering the Nergigante’s health will cause it to flee towards another area, mainly Sector 14 but in the event that you do not follow it, the monster will return back to Sector 9 to attack you once more.

Continue fighting the Nergigante and following it whenever it runs off until you make its health critical, bringing it near death.

Once the health of the Nergigante is critical, it will attempt to escape to its resting area which is in Sector 15.

The creature will be sleeping if you take a while to catch up to it and you will then be able to finish it off with the benefit of having the element of surprise.

Quest Rewards

Once the Nergigante has been killed, the quest will be complete and you will be rewarded with 18,000 Zenny.

Three new missions will be available after speaking with some of the NPCs, causing you to hunt down stragglers that have been riled up after the Nergigante.

The following quests will later on be available after cutscenes and expeditions that follow after the A Wound and a thirst quest:


  • The Nergigante focuses on dealing damage in front of it and will also go into a stance where it appears as if it will stomp on you but it will stall for a while and follow you, making it necessary to save your dodging for the right moment.
  • You can do a lot of damage by staying at the side or under the Nergigante since its attacks will not easily hit you at all angles.
  • Be careful when following the Nergigante to other areas as it may turn around and charge back at you, possibly killing you in tight passageways.
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