Important Tips to Start Playing: Eternal Return Black Survival

Below are the few points you should know to play the game Eternal Return: Black Survival.

1. Click the yellow triangle!

You’ll see a yellow triangle in the upper left corner on the icons of items on recommended/targeted equipment. Don’t throw them away, craft them!

2. Get all the materials from your area and move on!

On the right side of your screen, there’s a menu of items that can be found in your current area. These items are marked with the yellow label.

3. After you complete your weapon, get ready to fight!

You’re free to pick your battles, but it’s probably better to fight after crafting your weapon. If you take out your enemies, you can take their stuff!

4. Use the Hyperloop to save time!

Some areas have a teleporting booth, disguised as a phone booth, that can teleport you to any other area of the island.

Open the map and check where these devices are, marked by a double arrow on the map, and use them to move around more efficiently.

Apart from the above points, if you have anything to share with our readers please list out in the comment section.

Written by: Nimble Neuron

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