How to Get Spirit Locket of Boreas: Genshin Impact

Genshin Spirit Locket of Boreas

There are certainly 4-star characters in Genshin Impact that can have their talents strengthened to higher levels with the right materials. One of the materials is the Spirit Locket of Boreas, which is required for upgrading their talents beyond certain levels.

The Spirit Locket of Boreas can be obtained from a boss, but the fight can be quite challenging for those who are not prepared.

Where to Get Spirit Locket of Boreas?

You can acquire the Spirit Locket of Boreas once a week by chance by fighting with Andrius, Dominator of Wolves. His arena can be found in Wolvendom and you can start the challenge by interacting with the sword near the entrance.

How to Get Spirit Locket of Boreas?

Fighting the Dominator of Wolves will require you to be prepared in means of watching out for its attacks and having a way of healing your characters.

While some of its attacks are repetitive and can easily be dodged, it is best to make sure you are ready just in case you get hit.

You should take advantage of its slow movement as it will be less moveable from time to time, allowing you to get a lot of hits in.

Elemental reactions can be a big help when it comes to damaging his health and once this has been halved, things become more intense.

After you have defeated this boss, a Trounce Blossom will appear and you can interact with it to obtain rewards, which may include the Spirit Locket of Boreas.

Interacting with the Trounce Blossom will require 30 Original Resin or 60 if you have already fought three bosses during a week.

Spirit Locket of Boreas Uses

Characters That Use Spirit Locket of Boreas

There are 4 characters in Genshin Impact that have different elements, which use the Spirit Locket of Boreas.

The following characters need the Spirit Locket of Boreas:

  • Fischl
  • Kaeya
  • Ningguang
  • Sucrose


Boreas is a tough opponent to beat at higher World Levels but with the right team and tactics, you can make use of its slow movement.

It is best to memorize the attacks and dodge when you can to get an upper hand while the use of buffs from food items can give you an even greater advantage.

You will only be able to receive rewards from fighting the Dominator of Wolves once per week and will have to wait until the next to get rewards again.

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