Genshin Impact Cleanup At Dawn Quest

Genshin Cleanup at Dawn (World Quest)

The Dawn Winery is in need of someone who can help out clean a mess that some kids have made while everyone has been busy.

Adelinde is in distress as she is unable to clean up the mess and is in dire need of your help, but this should be a simple task for you.

She requests that you follow her into the Dawn Winery and that you help them out by removing some stains that have been made.

How To Get Cleanup At Dawn Quest?

The Cleanup At Dawn is available once you have completed Prologue Act III – Song of the Dragon and Freedom and is available at the Dawn Winery. To begin this quest, head over to the Dawn Winery, and Adelinde can be spoken to to begin this world quest.

Cleanup At Dawn Quest Objectives

1) Follow Adelinde into Dawn Winery

Adelinde will have already explained the situation before showing you to Dawn Winery and you will need to head inside to find the stains.

Take note that you will need a Hydro character to remove the stains that will be located within the Dawn Winery.

Once the quest has started, Adelinde will have already gone inside and you should be able to enter the building.

2) Clean All the Stains

After entering the Dawn Winery, you will need to clean up all the stains which can be found inside the building.

To remove the stains, you will need to use Hydro attacks or abilities, which should clear them out in one go.

The following are the locations of the stains in the Dawn Winery:

  • Near the stairs just as you enter Dawn Winery
  • Nearby the windows across Adelinde
  • Behind the table near Adelinde
  • In front of the desk where Elzer is located

3) Talk To Adelinde

After you have cleaned up all the stains, head back to Adelinde and she will thank you, rewarding you for your help as well.

Cleanup At Dawn Rewards

After you have completed the Cleanup At Dawn quest, you will receive Adventure EXP and Mora as well as additional rewards.

The rewards come in the following amounts:

  • 100 Adventure EXP
  • 20,000 Mora

Additionally, you will receive:

  • 20 Mondstadt Reputation EXP
  • 5 Tea Break Pancake


It seems that things were a bit out of hand this time around and Adelinde did not want to get one of the other maids to do the cleaning as they might break something.

Luckily you were around and made short work of the task, making the Dawn Winery clean once again, which has saved Adelinde a lot of time.

Adelinde is grateful for your help and guarantees you that the next time you step foot in Dawn Winery, the place will be spotless.

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