Genshin Impact Chasing Shadows Quest

Genshin Impact Chasing Shadows

After previously meeting up with Diluc, it turns out Jean was his contact, and they will both take part in helping you save Dvalin.

With the Holy Lyre in the hands of the Fatui, you have no choice but to find their hideout and take it back from them.

You will need to head over to their hideout to infiltrate and locate the Holy Lyre, which means you will need to deal with members of the Fatui along the way.

How To Get Chasing Shadows Quest?

The Chasing Shadows quest starts after you have completed a quest called Behind the Scenes, where you have just finished discussing your plan with Diluc and Jean.

Chasing Shadows is the ninth quest in the Prologue Act II – For a Tomorrow Without Tears, which involves you taking back the Holy Lyre.

Chasing Shadows Quest Objectives

1) Enter the Fatui Hideout

Once the quest begins, you will need to make your way toward the Fatui Hideout, which will be located in Springvale.

Its location will be shown on the map via a waypoint and you can use the Teleport Waypoint nearby if you have already unlocked it.

Once you arrive near the waypoint, you will see the entrance to the Fatui Hideout and will need to go ahead and enter it.

During this quest, Diluc will be joining you as a trial character, allowing you to use 5 characters within this domain.

2) Interrogate the Guard

Once you enter the hideout you will need to cross a bridge that will have rotating parts with fire traps on one side.

You can disable the traps with a Cryo character or simply time your movement right when they rotate, which should be an easy sprint.

There will be a guard at the end of the path who is terrified and will easily let you go inside, who even warns you to be careful.

The guard will have given you a key by now which you can use to open the door behind him.

3) Scour the Fatui Hideout to Find the Key

After you have entered through the door, there will be 4 rooms in the area which each have a guard inside them.

The first room to the right will have a Greedy Guard inside, who you can speak with and avoid confrontation with the following dialogue:

Greedy Guard: “We are goodwill ambassadors from the Snezhno-Mondstadtian Association” – Any answer for the second dialogue – “How does 500,000 Mora sound?” or “We’ll recommend you to the Association”

The room next to the one with the Greedy Guard will be an empty room with a chest that will be sealed when you enter, causing Electro Cisins to attack you.

Across the rooms that had Electro Cisins will be another room that only has piles of random loot which you can interact with but Pyro Slimes will spawn here.

Defeating the Electro Cicins and/or Pyro Slimes will allow you to exit the rooms as they will be locked once you are inside.

The next room up the stairs will have a Timid Guard who is easily scared and you can avoid conflict with him with the following dialogue:

Timid Guard: “Give up. No one’s going to rescue you” Any answer for the second dialogue – “Oh, I already dealt with him already”

4) Open the Sealed Door

After dealing with the Timid Guard, he will give up a Hidden Key and you can use it to unlock the door that leads to the next area.

5) Enter the Area Where the Lyre is Stored

Once you have opened up the door using the key, head inside the room that has just been unlocked and interact with the Holy Lyre by using the elevator.

As you make your way into the room, a Fatui Agent will appear and you will need to defeat him to continue taking the Holy Lyre.

6) Obtain the Holy Lyre der Himmel

After you have defeated the Fatui Agent, a cage blocking your way from the Holy Lyre will lift and you can take it afterward.

7) Talk to Paimon

A cutscene will begin with Paimon talking about the Holy Lyre being in safe hands and after this, the quest will be completed.

Chasing Shadows Rewards

After you have completed the Chasing Shadows quest, you will receive Character EXP, Adventure EXP, and Mora.

The rewards come in the following amounts:

  • 2200 Character EXP
  • 175 Adventure EXP
  • 4225 Mora

Additionally, you’ll receive rewards:

  • 4 Fine Enhancement Ore
  • 1 Holy Lyre der Himmel


It seems that the Fatui did not expect anyway to infiltrate their hideout and take the Holy Lyre back but with Dilucs help, things went smoothly.

The Agent spoke of Signora, who will end you which means that she is somewhere nearby and this could not bode well.

The important thing is that you now have the Holy Lyre in your hands and Venti will now be able to come up with a way to save Dvalin.

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