How To Get Mechabre in Destiny 2

The Mechabre is a Legendary Sniper rifle that was introduced and became available during the Festival of the Lost. This powerful sniper rifle is capable of dealing large amounts of damage and mainly utilizes the Arc damage type.

D2 Festival of the Lost 2022

While it is capable of dealing a large amount of damage, it has quite a high recoil, but its fire rate also gives you enough time to aim again.

How To Get Mechabre?

The Mechabre can be obtained during the Festival of the Lost Event by participating in the Haunted Sectors Playlist. It is also obtainable through the Gone But Not Forgotten quest from the Festival of the Lost event as a possible reward.

D2 Mechabre Legendary Sniper Rifle

You may get different rolls for this weapon every time you get it, which makes grinding the Haunted Sectors a good idea if you want to try to get the best stats.

The drop chance of the Mechabre is significantly increased when you transform Spectral Pages into Manifested Pages when doing a Haunted Sector.

Mechabre Lore


“It’s not complicated. I just want to stomp my enemies using a giant mech suit,” the Titan mused.

“Seems a little redundant,” replied hi sHunter teammate.

The pair were stationed at the rim of a canyon, watching their Warlock teammate take readings from a Vex conflux down below. The Titan surveyed the canyon through the scope of his elaborate sniper rifle, while the Hunter scanned his radar for any hint of incoming hostiles.

“I mean, no offense,” the Hunter continued, “but you’re already an Exo.”

The Titan took his eye off the scope and scowled at his teammate. “What the hell do you mean by that?”

“C’mon, man. You now what I mean,” the Hunter replied, rolling his eyes.

“What, just because I’, an Exo, I’m an empty mechanized shell or something?” the Titan growled, piqued.

“I didn’t say that. It’s just.. you’ve already got a machine body. And superpowers. What the hell is a mech suit gonna add?”

“Oh, so just because I’m an Exo, I don’t deserve a mech suit?” The Titan began to raise his voice.

“Dude. First of all, mech suits don’t exist. Second–“

“Tell that to giant Clovis Bray.”

“SECOND,” the Hunter continued, “there’s nothing a mech suit could do that you can’t already. I mean, the Vex actually need theirs to–“

“So NOW I’m a VEX?!” the Titan hollered, throwing his hands up.



A thunderous CRUNCH interrupted the Titan’s rant. The pair peered into the valley below, where an enormous Vex Minotaur was lifting its giant metal hoof from the flattened body of their Warlock Teammate.

The Guardians winced. There was an awkward silence.

 “…All right, I admit it,” the Hunter finally spoke up. “Thad did look like fun.”)

Mechabre Perks

Due to the Mechabre being a Legendary Sniper Rifle, its perks may be different every time the weapon is rolled.

The Mechabre can come as a Resonant Weapon, which will allow you to Shape it later on, altering the stats as you please.

1) Search Party (Origin Trait)

This weapon is granted faster aim down the sights speed and movement speed while aiming down sights when no allies are near.

2) Aggressive Frame (Intrinsic Trait)

The Mechabre’s has the Aggressive Frame intrinsic trait, which grants it high damage at the cost of having high recoil.


With the Mecabre’s ability to deal loads of damage, you can kill several enemies with a single shot and take down stronger ones with a couple of hits.

Its origin trait allows you to move around faster while you are aiming, allowing you to easily adjust your aim by moving side to side.

This weapon is perfect for taking enemies out from afar but if you get the hang of it, you can damage enemies at closer ranges, especially when you want to take down tough targets.

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