Destiny 2 How To Get Jurassic Green

D2 BrayTech Werewolf Legendary Pulse Rifle“Monster’ is just a relative term. Just look at the Drifter.” –Glint

The Jurassic Green is a Legendary Pulse Rifle that has been designed with an appearance similar to having the scales of a dinosaur.

This weapon is capable of firing quick bursts to deal accurate hits to enemies and features higher ammo reserves along with faster reload times when its magazine is empty.

Utilizing the Jurassic Green can allow you to quickly get consecutive shots toward an enemy’s weak spot to deal multiple Precision Hits.

How To Get Jurassic Green?

The Jurassic Green is obtainable by participating in Haunted Sectors, which are available during the Festival of the Lost.

It is possible to get different rolls with the Jurassic Green, which may alter the stats from time to time, making it necessary to grind Haunted Sectors for the best roll.

D2 Festival of the Lost 2022

The drop chance of the Jurassic Green is significantly increased when you transform Spectral Pages into Manifested Pages when doing a Haunted Sector.

Jurassic Green Lore

As of now, Jurassic Green does not have any lore and it is uncertain whether this will be changed in the future.

Jurassic Green Perks

Since the Jurassic Green is a Legendary Pulse Rifle, it is possible for it to have a different set of stats every time you receive one.

The Jurassic Green can come as a Resonant Weapon, which will allow you to Shape it, later on, altering the stats as you please.

1) Search Party (Origin Trait)

This weapon is granted faster aim down the sights speed and movement speed while aiming down sights when no allies are nearby.

2) Rapid-Fire Frame (Intrinsic Trait)

Deeper Ammo reserves. Slightly faster reload when the magazine is empty.

The Jurassic Green has a higher magazine capacity, providing you with more shots before you need to reload the magazine.

Reloading is increased when you have emptied Jurassic Green’s magazine, allowing you to follow up faster with more shots.


The Jurassic Green provides its users with quite a boost when it comes to those who like to be more accurate, and capable of hitting targets from afar with a 3-round burst.

Its Rapid-Fire Frame intrinsic trait provides you with a good amount of ammo to use before reloading, making it great for taking out several enemies.

Although its shots may not deal that much damage, with a 3-round burst dealing Precision Hits, you are most likely to drop enemies within seconds.

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