How To Get Manifested Pages in Destiny 2

Manifested Page is an event currency tied with Spectral Pages and were introduced in the Festival of the Lost Halloween Event.

These pages are the later versions of Spectral Pages which are now manifested, making them viable for the Book of the Lost.

Manifested Pages are one of the main currencies that need to be obtained during the Festival of the Lost event in Destiny 2.

Where to Get Manifested Pages?

You can obtain Manifested Pages in any of the Haunted Sectors, which are available during the Festival of the Lost event.

D2 Manifested Pages

In order to get Manifested Pages, you will need to have Spectral Pages in your inventory first because they are actually converted from them.

How to Get Manifested Pages?

Manifested Pages are obtained by doing Haunted Sectors and defeating Headless Ones while you have Spectral Pages.

Spectral Pages are brought to Haunted Sectors and once a Headless One has been killed, some of the pages will be manifested.

The process of manifesting Spectral Pages can be done at any Haunted Sector and the more you bring, the more that will be manifested.

It is a good idea to make sure you have Spectral Pages when doing Haunted Sectors if you want to get a lot of Manifested Pages.

Manifested Pages Use

Once you have turned Spectral Pages into Manifested Pages, you can head over to the Book of the Lost to unlock chapters.

These will provide you with lore as well as complete achievements that may later reward you when you check with Eva Levante.

The more Manifested Pages you have, the more you will be able to complete the Book of the Lost’s chapters by adding the pages.

As you add pages to the Book of the Lost, the cost of Manifested Pages will increase, which requires you obtain a lot of them if you want to complete it.

Manifested Pages Carry Limit

Currently it seems the limit of Manifested Pages is not low and players can carry a hefty sum of them before turning them in.

It would be wise to bring them to the Book of the Lost when you have a good amount so you can begin unlocking more chapters.

Why Manifested Pages Are Not Dropping?

If Manifested Pages are not obtained, this may be because you do not have any Spectral Pages on you and you will need to go and get some first.

You can do this by doing activities while wearing a Festival of the Lost mask, which will allow you to get them after completion.

In order for these to drop, make sure you defeat as many Headless Ones as possible within the given amount of time.

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