How To Get Spectral Pages in Destiny 2

Spectral Page is an event currency that can be obtained during the Festival of the Lost Halloween Event during its duration.

This sheet of parchment is filled with illegible, ever-shifting script but can later be manifested in some way.

Spectral Pages play a huge part in the Halloween Event and are the key to unlocking certain rewards later when manifested.

Where to Get Spectral Pages?

Spectral Pages can be obtained anywhere if there are activities to be done, rewarding you based on the activity completed.

Spectral Page D2

This event currency can only be obtained during the duration of the Festival of the Lost Halloween Event which runs for a certain period.

How to Get Spectral Pages?

Spectral Pages can be obtained by completing activities while wearing a Festival of the Lost Mask, rewarding you with a certain amount depending on the activity.

Completing Strikes will reward you with 4 or 5 Spectral Pages while doing Crucible or Gambit matches can reward you with 3 per session.

Activities such as Public Events will reward you with 2 Spectral Pages while there is a chance for Lost Sectors to reward you with 1.

You will need to have a Festival of the Lost mask equipped to receive Spectral Pages for completing activities during the event.

Doing Strikes, Crucible and Gambit seem to be some of the best ways to get Spectral Pages as these can be completed quickly and give a good amount.

Spectral Pages Use

Spectral Pages are used to create Manifested Pages, which is done by defeating Headless Ones during a Haunted Sector.

Headless Ones can be spawned during Haunted Sectors by performing rituals and once defeated, a certain amount of the Spectral Pages you have will be manifested.

Manifesting Spectral Pages will turn them into Manifested Pages, which you can use later to unlock parts of the Book of the Lost.

As you continue to unlock more pages in the Book of the Lost, you will need more Spectral Pages as the book later requires higher amounts of pages as you go.

Spectral Pages Carry Limit

As of now, the Spectral Pages carry limit is yet to be known but judging by the event you can carry quite a lot at a time.

It is best to manifest your Spectral Pages when you have a lot on hand and use them to continue unlocking more of the Book of the Lost.

Why Spectral Pages Are Not Dropping?

If you are not getting Spectral Pages, you might not be doing the right activities, be sure to do Strikes, Crucible, and Gambit matches for the best amount.

You can resort to Public Events but these do not give as much and Lost Sectors only have a chance to provide you with Spectral Pages.

Make sure that you are wearing your Festival of the Lost mask for you to receive after completing the activities.

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