Destiny 2 How To Get Festival of the Lost Masks (2022)

D2 Festival of the Lost Mask

With the Festival of the Lost introduced, there are several Festival of the Lost masks that can be obtained during the event.

These masks are all cosmetics that can be equipped to change the appearance of whatever your Festival of the Lost headgear you have equipped.

All the Festival of the Lost masks can be obtained for free during the event, which means you can collect as you play during its duration.

How To Get All Festival of the Lost Masks (2022)?

There are a total of 6 Festival of the Lost masks which you can obtain during this year’s event, and these are all obtainable by doing challenges during the event.

Below are the 6 Festival of the Lost (2022) masks:

  • Blueberry Mask
  • Bread Mask
  • Telesto Mask
  • Caiatl Mask
  • Riven Mask
  • Savathun’s Mask

The following are the different ways to get the Festival of the Lost masks for free during the event:

1) Blueberry Mask

The Blueberry Mask is one of the first masks of the Festival of the Lost that you may obtain, which is done during the Gone But Not Forgotten quest.

During quest step 9 of the Gone But Not Forgotten quest, you will be required to claim your first Event Challenge in the Event Card.

One of the rewards that are given from the first challenge will be the Blueberry Mask.

2) Bread Mask

To obtain the Bread Mask, you will need to complete a specific number of activities in the Haunted Sector Playlist.

You will have to complete 3 Haunted Moon, Haunted Nessus, Haunted Europa, and Haunted EDZ activities to get the Local Haunts achievement.

The Local Haunts achievement may be claimed once you complete 3 Haunted Sectors Playlists for all locations, which reward you with the Bread Mask and more.

3) Telesto Mask

The Telesto Mask may take a bit more time to obtain as it requires you to collect a huge amount of Candy in total during the event.

During the Festival of the Lost, you will have to obtain 17,500 Candy in total (even if spent) and will be able to achieve the Candy Corner achievement afterward.

You can claim the Candy Corner achievement from the Event Card and the rewards will include the Telesto Mask amongst them.

4) Caiatl Mask

The Caiatl Mask can be obtained by collecting the Shocking Conclusion achievement, which requires you to defeat combatants with Arc Energy.

There will be a progression that reaches 100% as you defeat enemies using Arc Energy and once complete, you will be able to obtain the achievement.

The Shocking Conclusion achievement can be claimed from the Event Card and the rewards will include the Caiatl Mask.

5) Riven Mask

Obtaining the Riven Mask requires that you complete the Occult Ritual challenge in the Event Card, which requires doing Strikes, Crucible matches, and Gambit Matches.

You will need to reach 100% completion for this and once you do, the Occult Ritual challenge will be complete.

Once the challenge is complete, you can obtain the achievement from the Event Card, which rewards you with the Riven Mask and other rewards.

6) Savathun’s Mask

The Savathun’s Mask can be obtained after you have completed the Happy Hunting Ground challenge, which requires you complete 35 Haunted Sector Playlist activities.

You will need to complete the Haunted Sector Playlist activities within the given period of the event to complete the challenge.

Once the challenge has been completed, you can collect the achievement from the Event Card, which will have rewards that include Savathun’s Mask.

How To Equip Festival of the Lost Mask?

Festival of the Lost masks that you have obtained will be available for equipping once you have obtained them, which can be done in your inventory.

Select the headgear that you wish to equip with a mask and go to the appearances screen, which will show you the cosmetic items you have available.

Choose the mask that you want, and it will be equipped until you have decided to remove it or wear another cosmetic item.


The many masks that you can obtain during the Festival of the Lost provide you with a lot of ways to customize your characters.

With each mask available for free, you have enough time to collect all of them before the duration of the event comes to an end.

You can only equip Festival of the Lost masks on the Masquerader’s headgear, limiting it to that specific type of item.

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