Destiny 2 Gone But Not Forgotten Quest Steps (2022)

D2 Gone But Not Forgotten

Gone But Not Forgotten is a quest that is available during the Halloween Event in Destiny 2 known as Festival of the Lost.

During this quest, you will go through what seems like an introduction to partaking in the events during the duration of the Festival of the Lost.

Eva Levante will be waiting to speak with you and afterward, she will guide you through learning how to earn what is needed to reap rewards during the event.

How To Get Gone But Not Forgotten Quest?

The Gone But Not Forgotten quest is available during the Festival of the Lost Halloween event and can be obtained anytime during the duration of the event.

You can get the Gone But Not Forgotten quest by speaking to Eva Levante, who will be in the Tower in front of the Halloween-themed tree located in the courtyard.

Gone But Not Forgotten Quest Steps (2022)Gone But Not Forgotten Quest Info

Step 1: Speak with Eva to Claim your Festival of the Lost Mask

After obtaining the quest, you will need to start by speaking with Eva, who will give you a Festival of the Lost mask which you can choose.

The options will only differ by the different energy types, which allow you to choose if it will be Arc, Solar, Stasis, or Void.

Step 2: Equip the Festival of the Lost Mask That Eva Gifted You

After you have chosen one of the Festival of the Lost Masks, you will need to open up your inventory and equip it.

This is a piece of the armor itself and not a cosmetic, which means during this event you will most likely want to use it.

Step 3: Speak with Eva in the Tower

Once the Festival of the Lost Mask has been equipped, you will need to speak with Eva once more and she will give you a Spectral Page.

She explains that the Book of the Forgotten, which is near her, requires that you take Spectral Pages and turn them into Manifested Pages to add to the book.

Step 4: Enter a Haunted Sector Via the Node in Your director and Complete a Summoning Ritual.

After speaking with Eva, you will need to do a Haunted Lost Sector which is the activity of the event, and this can be started in the destinations tab.

You can start the mission in the destinations tab by selecting the Tower or you can use the nearby holographic tree nearby.

Once the Haunted Sector begins, you will need to do at least one summoning ritual during the mission and of course, complete it.

Step 5: Turn Spectral Pages into Manifested Pages by Defeating at Least One Headless One and Completing the Haunted Sector.

You will have completed the previous step and this one will appear, which requires that you defeat a Headless One and finish the Haunted Sector.

Multiple summoning rituals will be available one after the other and each of them will spawn a Headless One.

Step 6 Return to Eva to Learn More About Your Manifested Pages

After defeating a Headless one and finishing a Haunted Sector, your Spectral Pages will have turned into Manifested Pages and you will need to return to Eva.

You will need to speak to Eva in the courtyard and she will instruct you to add the Manifested Pages to the Book of the Forgotten.

Step 7: Add Your Manifested Pages into the Book of the Forgotten

The Book of the Forgotten is just nearby to Eva and you simply need to interact with it to open up a menu where you can add the pages.

Step 8: Speak with Eva in the Tower

Once you have added the pages, head back to Eva and speak with her, which results in her thanking you for feeding the book.

She also instructs you to take a look at the Event Card, which is where you will be able to get rewards for completing various challenges during the event.

Step 9 Claim Your First Event Challenge in the Event Card Located on Eva or in the Quest Section of Your Director

With this step, you will need to either open up the Event Card by speaking with Eva or you can do this by opening it in your quests section.

Once you have opened up the Event Card menu, select the first available reward and the step will be complete.

Step 10: Speak with Eva To Claim Your Rewards

Speak to Eva once more after you have completed one of the event challenges and she will thank you for the help and reward you.

Gone But Not Forgotten Rewards

Completing the Gone But Not Forgotten quest will reward you with the Mechabre Legendary Sniper Rifle, a weapon from the event.


It seems that the Festival of the Lost has quite a lot in store for those who tend to participate in it, which is a good chance to collect some new goodies.

Now that you have learned the basics of how to participate in the event activities and claim rewards for it, you can freely do Haunted Sectors as much as you please.

As you continue to do Haunted Sectors and add pages to the Book of the Forgotten, you will be able to complete more challenges.

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