Destiny 2 How to Get the Mecha Armor Sets (Cosmetic Armor)

D2 Mecha Madness Kit

With the release of 2022’s Festival of the Lost event in Destiny 2, a new set of cosmetic armor has been introduced to the game.

This is known as the Mecha Madness Armor, which has a robotic theme that seems to be more familiar to traditional robots.

These items can be obtained in the game by purchasing them with Silver or Bright Dust per Mecha Armor set during the duration of the Festival of the Lost.

List of Mecha Armor Kits

Each of the classes has 3 different sets which you can choose from, allowing you to pick from a variety of sets that best suit your tastes.

You can find all of the Mecha Armor kits available from the ingame store and can view their prices respectively for each item.

1) Warlock

The Warlock class features the following Mecha Madness Bundles that may be purchased during Festival of the Lost:

  • Mobile Exoskeleton Warlock Bundle
  • Psycheratops Warlock Bundle
  • Blood Lineage Warlock

2) Hunter

The following are the Mecha Madness Kits that can be purchased for the Hunter Class during Festival of the Lost:

  • Machined Skirmisher Hunter Bundle
  • Roboraptor Hunter Bundle
  • Canis Luna Hunter

3) Titan

The Titan class has the following Mecha Madness Kits that you can buy during the duration of the Festival of the Lost:

  • Mechanized Protector Titan Bundle
  • Technosaurus Titan Bundle
  • Chemflesh Titan

How Much Does Mecha Armor Cost?

Mecha Armor can be purchased in 2 currencies which are Silver (Premium Currency) or Bright Dust which is equivalent to 1 set.

Purchasing a Mecha Armor set with Silver will cost 1,500 Silver per set and you can choose any of the available bundles from the event.

Just like with Silver, you will be able to choose any of the bundles with Bright Dust but this costs 6,000 Bright Dust.

Bright Dust can easily be obtained in the game by completing challenges and you may already have plenty of it by the time you check the sets out.

How To Buy Mecha Armor with Bright Dust?

Some players are having trouble figuring out where to purchase the Mecha Armor cosmetics for Bright Dust and only check the Bright Dust section.

To buy the Mecha Armor cosmetics for Bright Dust, simply open the second tab (Event) and you will see the available armors for your character.

Each set will cost 6,000 Bright Dust, which you might have plenty of now or can get more of by completing challenges.

While the Mech-themed armor can be purchased for Bright Dust, the other items available through the event are only purchasable with Silver.


All of the Mecha Armor sets are purchasable with both Silver and Bright Dust and will be permanent even after the duration of the event.

You may have already obtained a hefty sum of Bright Dust, which may be an alternative and easier way to get Mecha Armor for free.

These can be equipped as ornaments on your armor once you have purchased them and will change their appearance while used.

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