Destiny 2 Caught in The Coil Quest Steps

Caught in the Coil is a quest that introduces Guardians to an activity called The Coil, which has similarities with the Riven’s Lair activity.

The objectives take the Guardian into The Coil activity to learn the basics by playing it for the first time where they spend a Lair Key, collect Wishing Glass Shards, and purchase Dragon Gifts.

Upon completion of this quest, Guardians are expected to have been able to grasp the basics of The Coil activity, which many will be grinding during the Season of the Wish.

Caught In The Coil D2 (Season of the Wish)

How To Get Caught in The Coil Quest?

The Caught in the Coil quest becomes available after Guardians have completed the Final Wish mission and quest while also having completed the first week of Wishing All The Best. (Seasonal Quest)

Players will be able to receive the Caught in the Coil quest by speaking with Riven, who will also reward them with their first Lair Key.

Caught in The Coil Quest StepsCaught In The Coil quest info (Season of the wish)

Step 1: Spend a Lair Key, Earn A High Score, Collect Wishing Glass Shards, and Purchase Dragon Gifts

The first quest step is to complete several tasks related to what Guardians mainly do in The Coil, which include the following:

  • Spend A Lair Key (Spend 1 by opening the rewards chest)
  • Collect Wishing Glass Shards (Reach 100%)
  • Purchase A Dragon’s Gift (This can be done at the start of the activity)

All of these need to be completed before proceeding to quest step 2 and may be done in any order as while doing The Coil quest.

Step 2: Return to Riven in the H.E.L.M.

After playing through The Coil activity and completing all of the required tasks, you will need to make your way back to the Spirit Anchor and speak with Riven.

  • Visit Riven

Caught in The Coil Quest Rewards

Completing the Caught in the Coil quest will allow you to collect a Wish Engram from Riven and this will conclude the introduction to the activity.

You will have been able to obtain other rewards during the quest by participating in the activity and will be able to continue grinding it as much as you want during the season.


Caught in the Coil is a quest that makes it easier for Guardians who are starting during the season to get used to the activities.

While it may not be as easy as the Riven’s Lair activity, players can get plenty of rewards, especially when they use Lair Keys to open rewards chests at the end of paths.

The bosses that you encounter during the Riven’s Lair activity are the same as those in The Coil but the difficulty increases with each path that you complete.

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