Wishing All the Best Quest Steps (Week 5)

With The Witness still lingering out in the system, The Vanguard has been left with no choice but to make a bargain with the Ahamkara called Riven.

This sets the Guardian out to assist in completing requests made by the mythical creature, which is part of its plan to release its brethren once more.

You will need to stick to the plans made by Mara Sov until she finds a backup plan but until then, you are to keep the alliance you have with the creature.

The Ahamkara called Riven in D2

How To Get Wishing All the Best Seasonal Quest?

Wishing All the Best is the Seasonal Quest in Season of the Wish, which becomes available once you have completed the Final Wish quest.

Upon completing the Final Wish quest, you will be able to obtain the Wishing All the Best once you speak with Mara Sov in the H.E.L.M.

Wishing All the Best Quest StepsWishing All the Best seasonal quest info

Wishing All the Best Week 1 Quest Steps

Step 1: Speak to Riven

After you obtain the seasonal quest from Mara Sov, you will need to make your way to Riven, who can be found beyond a portal in the same room.

Interact with the Spirit of Riven and she will begin to speak about the missing eggs, which you will need to find throughout the season.

  • Visit Riven

Step 2: Search for Riven’s eggs in Riven’s Lair

Once you have spoken to Riven, a new activity called Riven’s Lair will be accessible and you will have to complete it to progress with the quest.

Riven’s Lair is an arena that has players going through a series of traps and fighting their way past trespassers to find eggs at the end of the activity.

Step 3: Speak with Petra at the holoprojector

The Techeuns have made valuable findings, and you will need to speak to Petra about them by visiting the Holoprojector in the H.E.L.M.

Petra speaks about how Riven’s clutch has dispersed across the Ley Lines of the Ascendant Realm, which means they now orbit the reality that you are in.

  • Visit Holoprojector

Step 4: Complete Blind Well Runs in The Dreaming City

The Ley Lines are not in the right position and to put them back in their place, you will need to participate in the Blind Well activity. (Found in the Dreaming City)

You will need to complete 1 or 2 runs depending on the difficulty that you choose and will be matched with other players. (Start from the quest menu, destination or by visiting the Blind Well)

  • Complete Blind Well runs (Reach 100% progress)

Step 5: Complete the mission “Polysemy” and retrieve Riven’s egg.

After you had previously repositioned the Ley Lines, Riven has detected one of her eggs and you will need to enter her lair to retrieve it.

Polysemy is a solo mission, which is very similar to the Riven’s Lair activity, and this is often done solo by players but is easier to complete.

  • Complete Polysemy mission

Step 6: Listen to Mara and Osiris in the H.E.L.M.

Mara has doubts about Riven and is planning to find an alternate solution rather than fulfilling her end of the bargain due to the problems that may occur.

She and Osiris are meeting up below where you first found her during the start of the season, and you may witness their conversation there. (Head down the stairs)

  • Observe Mara and Osiris’s conversation

Step 7: Speak to Riven

Being successful in retrieving the first Ahamkara egg was the first step to completing the bargain struck with Riven but there is more that needs to be done.

Head over to the Spirit’s Anchor, which is beyond the portal in the H.E.L.M., and listen to what Riven has to say. (She reveals that she knows Mara Sov is trying to find another way)

  • Visit Riven

Step 8: END OF WEEK 1

Mara has her Techeuns on a tight schedule as they continue calculating the trajectory of Riven’s clutch while they move between realities.

You will need to continue aiding Riven’s Lairs against trespassers to buy more time for the Vanguard.

  • Defeat Combatants with your element

Wishing All the Best Week 2 Quest Steps

Step 9: Speak to Riven

After the previous event that occurred, Riven would like to speak with you once again since she has made a discovery.

Step 10: Complete the mission “Tautology” in Riven’s Lair

Upon reaching Riven, she welcomes you back and informs you that another egg has been discovered, which you must now retrieve in the Tautology mission.

  • Complete Tautology mission

Step 11: Speak with Petra at the holoprojector

Petra acknowledges your current success with retrieving Riven’s Eggs but time will not be enough if the current path does not change.

She informs you about how Queen Mara and her Techeuns once communed with Harbingers who were entities capable of traversing Ley Lines.

Petra tells you about a Starlight Lodestone that is needed, which you will need to retrieve next so that Queen Mara may signal the Harbinger.

  • Visit holoprojector

Step 12: Complete the Chamber of Starlight Lost Sector in the Dreaming City

The Starlight Lodestone appears to be located in a Lost Sector that is hidden away in the Dreaming City and you will need to retrieve it.

This can be obtained by heading to the Chamber of Starlight and defeating the boss within to get the Cache Code to open the nearby Boss Cache.

After opening the cache, you will have obtained the Starlight Lodestone and may head back to the H.E.L.M. to continue.

  • Complete Chamber of Starlight Lost Sector

Step 13: Meet with Crow and Petra

Crow and Petra seem to be uneasy about the situation and Crow is already seeing what bad things may come of the bargain.

You should go to them under where Queen Amara is usually sitting by heading down the stairs and may listen to their conversation once you find them.

  • Observe Crow and Petra’s discussion

Step 14: Speak with Osiris at the holoprojector

Osiris needs to speak with you to give you an update on his investigations of the Veil, you will need to interact with the holoprojector to get in touch with him.

  • Visit holoprojector

Step 15: Speak to Riven

After your recent efforts, Riven would like to speak with you once more to discuss the progress that you have been making so far.

  • Visit Riven

Step 16: END OF WEEK 2

With another egg obtained, Riven is starting to see that you have a great purpose in fulfilling the bargain and expects continuous success from you.

Locating her eggs will still need time and while Mara’s Techeuns continue to search for them, you will need to wait for Riven to summon you once more.

Wishing All the Best Week 3 Quest Steps

Step 17: Speak to Riven

Another long wait is over and Riven has another lead that she needs to inform you about, which requires that you speak with her at the H.E.L.M.

  • Visit Riven

Step 18: Calibrate the Starlight Lodestone

The Starlight Lodestone needs to be prepped once more and this can be done in The Coil, where you will need to obtain Wishing Glass Shards.

These can be obtained as you play through The Coil activity and will often be rewarded at the end of a path, opening hidden chests, dropped by defeated enemies, or destroying pots.

  • Calibrate Starlight Lodestone (Reach 100% progress)

Step 19: Speak with Petra at the holoprojector

After you have finished attuning the Starlight Lodestone, an important message needs to be heard and this will come from Petra who can be spoken to at the holoprojector.

  • Visit Holoprojector

Step 20: Complete “The Oracle Engine” Mission

You have been sent by Petra to the Spine of Keres and will need to follow her instructions to allow Mara Sov to locate the Harbinger.

  • Complete “The Oracle Engine” mission

Step 21: Complete the mission “Enthymeme”

With the Harbinger guiding the clutch, another opportunity has arisen and one of Riven’s Eggs has been located.

You will need to start the Enthymeme mission and complete it, which can be found by opening your Destinations Menu and selecting it from the H.E.L.M.

  • Complete the Enthymeme Mission

Step 22: Observe the Exchange in the H.E.L.M.

Mara Sov and Crow are about to talk about recent events and you must be there to find out what has happened.

Head over to the location where the two are about to exchange words and listen in on their conversation until the end.

  • Observe Mara and Crow

Step 23: Speak with Osiris at the Holoprojector

Osiris has an update for you regarding the investigations into the Veil and will need to speak with you via the holoprojector.

He will explain that things are going rather slowly but this does not mean that progress is not being made.

  • Visit Holoprojector

Step 24: Speak to Riven

It seems that with everything that is happening to the Sov Siblings (Mara and Crow), Riven also has something to say about what has happened.

Head to Riven in the Spirit’s Anchor and speak with her to hear what she has to say, which will lead to the end of Week 3 of the Seasonal Quest.

  • Speak to Riven

Step 25: End of Week 3

After everything that you have witnessed, it looks like everyone is moving on from the past and moving forward with the task at hand.

You were able to make big changes, including recovering another egg but for now, you will need to wait until Mara Sov calls upon you once again.

Wishing All the Best Week 4 Quest Steps

Step 26: Speak to Riven

The start of another week begins and Riven needs to speak with you once more to keep you updated on what needs to be done.

  • Speak to Riven

Step 27: Complete the mission “Apophasis”

Riven has detected another egg and needs you to find it but there will be enemies along the way and a surprise waiting at the end.

You will need to enter Riven’s Lair once more to find and attempt to retrieve one of her eggs as enemies are swarming the area.

  • Complete Apophasis Mission

Step 28: Speak with Crow in the H.E.L.M.

After the Vex recently stole Riven’s egg before you could secure it, things seemed to have taken a turn for the worst.

Find Crow and speak to him to find out about a lead that he has found to figure out where the Vex has taken the egg.

  • Visit Crow

Step 29: Complete the Exotic mission “Starcrossed”

Crow has tracked down where the egg has been taken, which is in a location called the Black Garden and this is a place that he is familiar with.

You will need to complete this mission, which may prove to be difficult to solo but Crow will still be around to guide you.

  • Complete Starcrossed Mission

Step 30: Speak to Riven

After you complete the Starcrossed mission, Riven is reminded of her mate Taranis will tell you more about her tale as well as the Ahamkara.

  • Visit Riven

Step 31: END OF WEEK 4

The hunt for Riven’s eggs will need to cease for a bit as the Techeuns will need to calculate the locations of any remaining eggs.

Wishing All the Best Week 5 Quest Steps

Step 32: Speak to Riven

The time has come to help Riven again and she has now summoned you back to her side regarding another urgent matter.

  • Visit Riven

Step 33: Complete the mission “Synchysis”

Another egg has been located but things will be more difficult as the Taken corruption has spread into the Confluence from a breach found in Eleusinia.

  • Complete Synchysis Mission

Step 34: Speak to Mara Sov in the H.E.L.M.

Upon locating the egg, it appears that the Taken has corrupted it and this has infuriated Riven but Mara Sov believes that something can be done.

Head over to Mara Sov and speak with her to find out what she has planned to reverse what the Taken have done to the egg.

  • Visit Mara Sov

Step 35: Complete an Ascendant Challenge

Mara Sov believes that the egg can be cleansed but this requires a coalescence of Taken essential, which now requires that you head to the Ascendant Plane.

You will need to find Petra Venj in the Dreaming City and complete an Ascendant Challenge that can be obtained from her.

  • Complete Ascendant Challenge

Step 36: Speak With Petra at the Holoprojector

After you have completed the Ascendant Challenge, you will now have the Taken Essentia and will need to speak to Petra Venj once more.

  • Visit Holoprojector

Step 37: Complete pathways in Riven’s Lair or the Coil to cleanse the egg.

With everything now prepared, you will need to do the Riven’s Lair or The Coil, which will result in the egg being cleansed.

This requires that you complete pathways by doing Riven’s Lair multiple times or doing multiple paths in The Coil. (3 paths needed in total)

  • Complete Pathways

Step 38: Witness Conversation With Riven

Riven, Mara, and Osiris are about to discuss the way to get to The Witness and it would be best if you went to listen in.

  • Observe the conversation with Riven

Step 39: Speak with Osiris at the holoprojector

Osiris has an update regarding his research about the Witness that he wishes to share with you via the holoprojector.

  • Visit Holoprojector

Step 40: Speak to Riven

Riven wishes to speak to you as she wishes to admit her reluctant gratitude to you in her way, which requires you to go and speak with her.

  • Visit Riven

Step 41: END OF WEEK 5

After successfully cleansing the egg that was found, things seem to be going in the right direction again but there is still more to do.

You will be contacted again during the next week to continue but for now, defending Riven’s Lair will be your priority.

Wishing All the Best Quest Rewards

By completing various steps during the Wishing All the Best Seasonal Quest, you will continue to learn more about the season and reap seasonal rewards.

Some missions and quest steps can grant you rewards that you receive after completing them, which may include legendary gear such as weapons, armor, and more. (Mainly from the season)

SummaryBargain between Mara Sov and Riven

The bargain made between Mara Sov and Riven will not have the best outcome if the Ahamkara are left to roam the system, especially near civilization.

You will need to play on the safe side during this quest as Mara Sov has specifically assigned you to help fulfill the needs that are asked of you by Riven.

Participating in activities and completing the Seasonal Quest is a great way to obtain XP during the season.

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