Destiny 2 Final Wish Mission Walkthrough

Final Wish Mission (Season of the Wish) Destiny 2

  • Mission Type: Season of The Wish
  • Mission Location: Keep of Voices, The Dreaming City

With the plan of making Savathun’s final wish granted, Mara Sov has sent her Techeuns to retrieve Riven’s Heart but the Vex have fortified their position at the Keep of Voices.

You will need to make your way into the keep and fight off the Vex to ensure that the Techeuns make it out alive with the heart.

Only by obtaining the heart of Riven will the next step in getting Savathun’s wish granted be possible, which will lead to the pursuit of The Witness.

How To Get Final Wish?

The Final Wish is a mission that begins when you first log into the game during the Season of the Wish, which brings you to the Keep of Voices.

This mission may be started if you did not finish it after first starting and may be selected from the destinations menu.

Final Wish Mission ObjectivesEnter the Dreaming City

1) Enter the Dreaming City

The mission begins with you entering the Dreaming City, where forces are positioned outside of the entrance and your way clear.

You will need to make your way into the city through the main entrance and follow the waypoint that will lead you toward Riven’s final resting place.

2) Find Riven’s Resting Place

Continue making your way through the area as you fight through the Vex forces and you will eventually reach a large barrier.

You will need to defeat the Vex and destroy the cubes at the end of the beams (there are 3 in total) that will become invulnerable after defeating the enemies guarding them.

Petra Venj

Once you go through the entrance, you will need to go around the area as there will be a path that lets you continue towards the resting place.

Continue making your way until you find the energy lift that will bring you into a room guarded by more Vex forces.

A barrier will be blocking the way but you can get by through the side where another barrier needs to be taken down by destroying more Vex cubes.

Defending Riven’s Remains

3) Defend Riven’s Remains

Follow the waypoint which will lead you to the resting place and there will be more Vex enemies. (They appear to have been there for a long time due to the growth on their armor)

You will need to clear out all of the enemies and more that continue to appear until you have defeated all of the waves.

4) Collect Riven’s Tooth

After all of the enemies have been cleared out, approach the remains of Riven and interact with its tooth to take it.

5) Find the Techeuns

Enemies will appear and you will need to make your way back to the Techeuns, escaping the resting place to bring back the tooth.

6) Drop Off Riven’s Tooth

Once you reach the Techeuns, interact with the container to place the tooth and proceed to make your way to the nearby portal.

7) Find the Techeuns

Enemies will appear and you will need to make your way back to the Techeuns, escaping the resting place to bring back the tooth.

Follow the waypoint to reach the Techeuns and once you arrive, the quest will shortly come to an end, concluding the introduction to the Season of the Wish.

8) Make the Wish

A room with multiple slots

After entering the portal, you will find a room with multiple slots on it and 4 of them will be revealed to have glyphs.

Shoot the ones with glyphs to make the wish and the quest will end shortly after Riven speaks, where it mentions that it refuses to grant the wish.

Final Wish Mission Rewards

Completing the Final Wish mission will allow you to proceed with the season, which leads you to take on the seasonal quest called “Wishing All The Best”.


Savathun is very cunning and when she makes a wish, she has a backup plan but Riven is also hard to persuade and there is more that needs to be done.

Riven’s tooth has been acquired and this is what will be needed to conjure its spirit, that way The Vanguard can figure out how to fulfill Savathun’s wish.

While Savathun may be an enemy, her wish to pursue The Witness is exactly what The Vanguard needs to have a fighting chance.

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