Destiny 2 Final Wish Quest Steps

The Final Wish (Quest) is the introductory quest to the Season of the Wish, which starts the Guardian’s journey towards helping Savathun’s wish become fulfilled.

Savathun had made a wish that was to be granted by the Ahamkara known as Riven but with the recent events have made this wish linger.

The Guardian must now follow Mara Sov’s lead to conjure the soul of Riven so that she can grant Savathun’s wish, which is to pursue The Witness.

Mara Sov Destiny 2

How To Get Final Wish Quest?

The Final Wish quest begins right away once you log into the game during the Season of the Wish for the first time and is given to players along with the mission with the same name.

Players will be able to complete the first part of the quest once the Final Wish mission is completed as the two of them are tied together.

Final Wish Quest StepsFinal Wish Seasonal Quest info

Step 1: Conjure Riven in the Dreaming City

This quest step is completed during the Final Wish mission, which is the first mission that begins after you log into the game.

The mission has you starting in The Dreaming City, where you will make your way into the Keep of Voices to retrieve Riven’s Tooth.

  • Complete “Final Wish” mission

Step 2: Speak to Mara

Once you have completed the Final Wish mission, make your way to Mara Sov in the H.E.L.M. and you will find her in the room to the right.

  • Debrief with Mara Sov in the H.E.L.M.

Final Wish Quest RewardsMara Sov interacting with Ahamkara (Riven)

Completing the Final Wish quest will reward you with the Queensfoil Censer as well as a Legendary Weapon from Season of the Wish. (We got the Scalar Potential as a reward)

This will also allow you to claim the Wishing All The Best seasonal quest, which you can progress with during the Season of the wish.


Mara Sov has ended up making a bargain with Riven to have Ahamkara fulfill Savathtun’s wish but she is not comfortable with the terms.

The Guardian must now play along with Ahamkara’s demands until Mara Sov comes up with a plan that can avoid further problems.

If the Ahamkara are allowed to roam again, this could cause trouble for the living beings across the system due to the chaos that they can cause.

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