Destiny 2 How To Get Season of the Wish Artifact

D2 Queensfoil Censer“Awoken and Ahamkara magics mingle in the mist rising from this censer as it swings back and forth, back and forth…”

The Queensfoil Censer is the Seasonal Artifact in Season 23 (Season of the Wish) in Destiny 2 that provides Guardians with bonuses throughout the season.

This artifact allows you to gain not only bonus Artifact Perks throughout the season but also provides you with additional Power Bonuses that last until the season ends.

Obtainable during the early parts of the season, the Queenfoil Censer plays a big role in progression as it increases your capabilities and allows you to defeat certain enemies.

How To Get Season of the Wish Artifact (Queensfoil Censer)?

The Queensfoil Censer is obtained during the start of the season, and is rewarded for completing the Final Wish quest.

Upon speaking to Mara Sov again, you will be able to claim the Queensfoil Censer from her, which is what finishes the quest.

The Queensfoil Censer will remain on your Guardian until the end of the season, which will also remove the rest of its bonuses.

How To Level Up Queensfoil Censer?

The Queensfoil Censer gains levels as you obtain XP, which can be done by playing the game since defeating enemies, completing quests and more provide it.

Leveling up the Queensfoil Censer will unlock the Artifact Perks that you can activate as well as the Power Bonuses that increase your Power Score.

Season of the Wish Artifact Mods

As you progress through the season, you will be able to obtain XP to level up the Queensfoil Censer, which unlocks more tiers that provide more Artifact Perks.

Tier 1

  • Piercing Sidearms
  • Unstoppable Hand Cannon
  • Unstoppable Bow
  • Overload Auto Rifle
  • Overload Pulse Rifle

Tier 2

  • Flame, Fiber, and Freeze
  • Kindling Trigger
  • Blast Radius
  • Origin Perk Specialization I
  • From Whence You Came

Tier 3

  • Flint Striker
  • Torch
  • Heart of the Flame
  • Origin Perk Specialization II 
  • Wished into Being

Tier 4

  • Unravelling Orbs
  • Pillar of Ice
  • Revitalizing Blast ability.
  • Overload Rocket Launchers
  • Dragon’s Bite

Tier 5

  • Horde Shuttle
  • Hail the Storm
  • Rays of Precision
  • Solo Operative
  • Argent Ordnance

How To Unlock Artifact Perks?

The first tier of Artifact Perks will be unlocked once you have obtained the Queensfoil Censer and the rest need to be unlocked.

These will be unlocked once you have activated Artifact Perks from the previous tier and will continue to unlock as each tier has Artifact Perks activated.

How To Use Artifact Perks?

To use an Artifact Perk, you need to unlock it, which requires you to spend a point from the artifact and these are gained as it levels up.

The more you level up your seasonal artifact, the more points you will be able to use to unlock (activate) other Artifact Perks.


During the entire season, you can utilize the Artifact Perks from the seasonal artifact to progress further in the game and grind harder as it provides several bonuses.

Certain enemies that you encounter will be extremely tough but can be weakened depending on what type of enemy they are and what Artifact Perks you have unlocked.

The more experience you gain throughout the season, the faster you will be able to level up your seasonal artifact and strengthen your Guardian.

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