Destiny 2 Starcrossed Mission Walkthrough

Starcrossed mission (Season of the Wish) D2

  • Mission Type: Season of The Wish
  • Mission Location: Overland, The Black Garden

On a previous search for one of Riven’s eggs, one of them was snatched from right under your nose before it could be secured.

This left Riven infuriated but Crow was able to find out where the Vex had taken it and will now guide you to help retrieve what belongs to Riven.

While this seems to be a mere search and rescue mission for one of Riven’s eggs, much more is revealed in the end.

How To Get Starcrossed Mission?

Starcrossed became available in Week 4 of the Seasonal Quest called Wishing All The Best during the Season of the Wish.

It becomes playable once you reach quest step 29 in the Wishing All The Best Quest, which needs to be completed before you can proceed.

Once you have completed the Starcrossed mission, it becomes available as a weekly activity that can earn you Pinnacle Gear.

Starcrossed WalkthroughApproaching the structure eSire’s Obligation buff

The mission begins with you having to traverse through the Black Garden, which requires you to jump from platform to platform. (These appear to be trees, shroom, and other large flora)

You will eventually reach a bridge where a round glowing patch that has a blueish-white glow, provides you with the eSire’s Obligation buff.

At the far end, you will see a glyph above the path you need to cross, which requires you to defeat Obdurate Phalanx nearby. (An Obdurate Phalanx can only be damaged if you have the buff)

Obdurate Phalanx enemies enemies Glyph

After you proceed into the next area, there will be 3 Obdurate Phalanx enemies in the area and all of them will have glyphs nearby.

There will be a large passage nearby that shows 3 glyphs, which means you need to defeat all 3 of the Obdurate Phalanx enemies in the order of the glyphs. (Starting from the top)

There will be more patches that provide you with the Sires Obligation buff, which is needed to defeat each of the Obdurate Phalanx enemies.

Accessing the transit mechanism

The next area will have a red glowing patch that provides you with the Dam’s Gift buff, which allows you to pass through the orange barriers.

This allows you to enter specific areas that you need to survive to proceed by killing enemies or interacting with objects.

If you lose the buff, you will start to take damage if you are in the orange areas and should return to the glowing red patch to reapply the buff.

deactivating the barrier

You will eventually be led to a location where there is another set of glyphs and this time, there will be both red and blue patches in the area.

You will need to complete each glyph by heading to its location while using the required buff to enter a location or damage Obdurate Phalanx enemies.

This later unlocks the next area, which is where a boss will be waiting for you and more patches will be present as they are the key to defeating it.

defeating all hostiles

You will need to continue traversing through the Black Garden until you finally come across an entrance with both patches, which will be combined to give you the Crowned by Dragons buff.

This is a combination of both of the buffs that will allow you to damage enemies as well as survive in the next area, which is a boss fight.

Jump down and create the buff by stepping into each of the patches and proceed to make your way into the boss fight area.

defeating all hostiles

The boss in the area will be called Akardon, Pitless Mind and this enemy will be accompanied by its minions that will attack you.

You will need to clear out all of the hostiles in the area before you can deal any damage to Akardon and will have to replenish the Crowned by Dragons buff often. (Or you will take damage)

Continue clearing out the other enemies while replenishing the Crowned By Dragons buff until you have defeated Akardon.

traversing the garden

The egg will be nearby and you will need to make your way toward it to interact with it to complete the mission shortly after.

Interacting with the egg will complete the mission and provide you with rewards before you are taken back to orbit.

Starcrossed Mission Rewards

Completing the Starcrossed mission will reward you with various items, which include an Exotic Combat Bow called Wish-Keeper.

Aside from Wish-Keeper, you will receive legendary gear, credits, and more items that will be useful later on.

This also completes quest step 29 in the Wishing All The Best quest, which will allow you to proceed with the Seasonal Quest.


In the end, Crow was asked by the voice that he had been hearing in his head to use him as a vessel and Riven immediately realized who it was.

The voice belonged to Taranis, who is later revealed to be Riven’s mate who had sacrificed himself to create the Black Garden.

It turns out that the Black Garden was meant to be a haven for the eggs until someone would come along to protect them, which happens to be you.

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