How To Get Wish-Keeper in Destiny 2

Wish-Keeper is an Exotic Combat bow and remains part of a wish that was created by Riven’s mate, who is revealed to be another Ahamkara named Taranis.

This powerful bow is capable of dealing increased damage to enemies who are suspended and becomes more efficient when you are the cause or deal damage to suspended targets.

Not only does this Strand Combat Bow have a unique look to it, but the capabilities it has in a fight give its wielder an advantage.

Wish-Keeper (Combat Bow) D2“Live.” – Taranis Rivensmate

How To Get Wish-Keeper?

Wish-Keeper became available during the 4th week of the Season of the Wish and is obtainable during the Wishing All the Best quest.

During the 4th week of the Seasonal Quest, you will be able to obtain Wish-Keeper after completing the Starcrossed Exotic Mission.

This sends you on a hunt to find where the Vex have taken one of Riven’s eggs after previously stealing it before it could be secured.

Wish-Keeper Perks

1) Agile Bowstring (Bowstring)

Wish-Keeper has been created with a durable yet light bowstring.

  • Greatly increases handling speed
  • Slightly increases stability

2) Carbon Arrow Shaft (Arrow)

The shaft material of Wish-Keeper is made from light and stable material.

  • Increase stability

3) Silkbound Slayer (Trait)

Wish-Keeper deals bonus damage to enemies that are suspended and gains faster draw time for a short duration when you suspend a target or damage a suspended target.

4) Heavy Grip (Grip)

The grip of Wish-Keeper has been weighted for recoil control.

  • Increases stability
  • Decreases handling speed

Wish-Keeper Intrinsic Traits


Precision hits and final blows with Wish-Keeper build up energy to create a Snareweaver arrow that you can fire from the hip.

Upon impact of the Snareweaver arrow, a pattern of traps is created that suspends nearby targets for you to easily target.

This works hand in hand with Silkbound Slayer as it relies on enemies being suspended or takes effect when you are what causes them to be suspended.

Wish-Keeper Catalyst

Wish-Keeper does not appear to have a Catalyst right now and it is unsure whether it will be added to the weapon in the future.


The new Strand Combat Bow shows a lot of promise, especially with the ability to suspend enemies, Strand Subclass users may now adjust their builds.

One of the best things about this weapon is that it is tied to the Strand Subclass and it can easily trigger the Silkbound Slayer trait.

While precision or getting kills often is necessary, you will find that enemies that are often suspended are extremely vulnerable targets.

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