Destiny 2 How to Get Lair Keys (Season of the Wish)

Destiny 2’s Season of the Wish introduced a couple of new activities, which allow you to grab rewards during the season after playing through a few challenges.

These activities include Riven’s Lair and The Coil activities, which have you progressing through stages and defeating bosses to gain access to a rewards chest at the end.

One of the ways for you to get even more rewards is to use a Lair Key, which is like the other keys in the previous seasons.

D2 Lair Key (Season of the wish)

How To Get Lair Key?

Lair Keys are obtained mainly by doing activities during the Season of the Wish, which provides you with a chance to get them upon completion.

This means that doing Crucible and Gambit matches will provide you with a chance regardless of whether you win or lose. (Winning often provides a better chance)

Doing Vanguard Strikes also provides a chance but this is only if you complete the mission while activities in the Dreaming City such as the Blind Well and others have a small chance too.

Lair Key UsesThe Coil activity (season of the wish)

Lair Keys remain in your inventory until they are used, which happens automatically when you open a rewards chest at the end of The Coil or Riven’s Lair activities.

These chests become available once you have defeated the boss in Riven’s Lair or once you return to Riven in The Coil.

Using Lair Keys provides Guardians with even more rewards with each chest opened during the Season of the Wish. (This includes rewards from 

Lair Chest Rewards

Lair Chests will often reward players with items from the Season of the Wish, which often include Legendary Weapons, Legendary Armor, Crafting Materials, and more.

With the use of a Lair Key, you can get even more rewards which also include Wish Engrams and more items that will come in handy.

It is best to have multiple Lair Keys if you plan on doing The Coil activity since you will be able to open multiple reward chests based on your progression in each session.


While the Season of the Wish’s activities provide players with decent rewards, the use of Lair Keys makes it easy to farm more useful items during the season.

This makes it important to farm multiple keys if you plan on maximizing the rewards from the chests but grinding the activities works well too.

It is possible to even continue grinding while also obtaining Lair Keys since the activities also have a chance to provide them.

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