Destiny 2 The Coil Activity Guide (Season of the Wish)

During the beginning of Destiny 2’s Season of the Wish, Guardians were introduced to the Riven’s Lair activity and later, The Coil activity.

The Coil and Riven’s Lair have similarities, with The Coil being an extended and more rewarding version of the Riven’s Lair activity.

While Guardians will be able to get their hands on more rewards during the activity, it becomes more challenging as they progress.

The Coil Activity D2

How To Start The Coil?

The Coil can be unlocked once you progress through Week 1 of the Wishing All The Best Seasonal Quest, which becomes available after you have completed the final Wish quest.

Later, you will be able to start the Caught in the Coil quest, which introduces players to The Coil activity and provides them with a Lair Key to spend.

Players will be able to start The Coil activity by opening their Destinations menu and selecting the H.E.L.M. where they will find the activities available. (Riven’s Lair and The Coil)

The Coil WalkthroughLightning the torches

The Coil works similarly to how the Riven’s Lair activity works but things are a bit different when you first start as there will be a large pot at the beginning that you need to break.

This will allow you to obtain Fused Wishing Glass at the start of the activity (you will also find more Pots as you go through the different stages) that can be used for Dragon’s Gifts.

Once you are ready, head towards the area with portals and step on one of the plates to open a path and you can continue just as you would in Riven’s Lair.

Play through the course where you proceed to each area until you defeat the boss and you will eventually return to Riven, where you can select more Dragon’s Gifts.

This will then allow you to open up another portal again and enemies will become harder each time you repeat this, which will have a reward chest at the end.

Lair Keys that you have will be used when you open chests that you get after clearing the paths, which provide you with better rewards. 

What Are Dragon Gifts?

During The Coil activity, Guardians can purchase Dragon Gifts, which are buffs that will provide them with certain bonuses that can help them come out victorious in the activity.

Dragon Gifts may be purchased at the start of The Coil activity as well as after you complete a path, which is where you use Fused Wishing Glass that you have collected.

These can be purchased from Riven during The Coil activity and all options amongst the different tiers will be randomized for each session.

How To Get Fused Wishing Glass?

Fused Wishing Glass is obtained by destroying the Pots that appear each time you visit Riven as well as when you play through each of the paths.

These may often be obtained by destroying smaller pots that can be found in the paths or may be dropped by enemies that you defeat.

Obtaining Fused Wishing Glass is necessary for purchasing buffs (Dragon Gifts) as well as Extra Revives for you and your fireteam.

Revives Limit

When playing in The Coil activity, you and your fireteam will have a limited number of revives, which will be consumed whenever a player has been downed and has respawned.

Regardless of whether you revived on your own or if you are helped by a member of your fireteam, a Revive will be consumed.

Guardians have a chance to obtain Revives while playing through the paths or may purchase them from Riven with Fused Wishing Glass.

Once a fireteam has run out of Revives and all members have been downed, the activity will end and they will be brought back to orbit.

The Coil Rewards

After clearing a path, claiming your rewards will provide you with loot from the Season of the Wish, which includes Wish Engrams, Legendary Gear, Crafting Materials, and more.

The rewards are increased when you use a Lair Key and once you claim your rewards, you and your firetime may continue until all lives have run out. (Open up another portal to continue)

How To Get Wish Keys?

Wish Keys can be obtained by completing activities during the Season of the Wish, which include those that can be done at destinations or Ritual Activities.

Playing through Riven’s Lair and The Coil are also considered activities but obtaining Lair Keys is not always guaranteed and multiple playthroughs will be necessary.

When you start the Caught in the Coil quest, you will be given a Lair Key for free and more can be obtained later from the Spirit of Riven or activities.


The Coil is mainly a version of Riven’s Lair that lets you continuously play until you and your team run out of lives, which can end with you obtaining a lot of rewards.

It is best to have Lair Keys in your inventory so that you can maximize the rewards you get as these are used in this activity.

Guardians should avoid being reckless during this activity to avoid dying, which will allow them to continuously progress through multiple paths.

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