Destiny 2 How to Get Boon of Friendship (The Dawning 2023)

With The Dawning 2023 in effect, Guardians may once again celebrate the Holiday Spirit by farming resources, baking goodies, and giving gifts to NPCs.

As you progress with the event, you will be able to unlock upgrades from Eva Levante and one of these provides you with a Boon of Friendship every day.

The Boon of Friendship is a consumable that will allow you to get bonus rewards when doing playlist activities, especially when your fireteam uses them with you.

Boon of Friendship (Dawning Event) D2

How To Get Boon of Friendship?

To start getting a Boon of Friendship every day, you will first need to play through The Dawning quest (2023) to get your first batch of Dawning Spirit.

This will allow you to purchase the Merrymaker Upgrade from Eva Levante, which allows you to collect the Boon of Friendship from her daily.

Once you have collected the Boon of Friendship, you will be able to view it in your inventory as well as “Use” it to activate its effects.

Boon of Friendship Uses

A Boon of Friendship is a consumable item that you can use, which gives you a buff that provides you and your fireteam with an additional Dawning Reward during playlist activities.

The reward is increased based on how many members of your fireteam have the Boon of Friendship active but this is consumed after getting the reward.

To use a Boon of Friendship, open up your inventory and you will see how many you have and may select the item or hover your mouse over it and choose “Use.” (Item will be consumed)

Boon of Friendship Rewards

The Boon of Friendship is said to reward Dawning Items and this has proven to often give you Dawning Spirit (Event Currency) as well as A Gift In Return (Container), which are guaranteed.

The Dawning Spirit (Event Currency) is used to purchase upgrades from Eva Levante, which have effects that last during The Dawning event.

A Gift In Return is a container that can be opened in your inventory, which provides you rewards such as Destination Resources, Upgrade Modules, and Enhancement Prisms.


Using a Boon of Friendship is a great way for you to gain additional rewards during The Dawning event, which can make it easier for you to progress through the event.

Playlist activities that are affected by the Boon of Friendship include Vanguard Playlists as well as Gambit and Crucible matches.

It’s best to collect your Boon of Friendship every day to make sure you get the most out of The Dawning event as this happens only during December every year.

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