Borderlands 3 Troy Calypso (Boss): Defeating, Location, Attacks, Drops, Weak Spots

Borderlands 3 Troy Calypso Boss

Tory Calypso is the brother of Tyreen Calypso, one of the main antagonists in Borderlands 3 who you fight during in The Great Vault mission.

He is a male siren that has leached Maya’s siren powers and uses them to fight all that stand in his way and with the addition of his sister aiding him, he can become quite powerful.


During The Great Vault, you attempt to stop Troy and Tyreen from carrying out their plans to release The Destroyer which they plan to leech once killed.

You will face troy who will fight you inside an closed area where he is being powered up by Tyreen once you cut off his supply of Eridian.

Fighting & Killing Troy Calypso


Troy will often attack you with a series of attacks but these are quite easy to avoid and he can easily be hit due to his sluggish movements.


He will tend to show off at to show of at times which will give you a window to take a few headshots at him.


Troy usually attacks with his sword, his mini-rocket launching firearm and his siren abilities which he will use at certain times.


Troy usually attacks with his sword, his mini-rocket launching firearm and his siren abilities which he will use at certain times.


It’s best to keep a distance from troy unless you need to deal damage at a close range but always stay out of the middle of the area when he is flying as he will slam down in the middle.


There will be times when troy will be 4 beams coming out of pillars that you must shoot or else you will not be able to combat troy.

Simply shoot all the glowing parts to destroy the orb being charged and to force Troy back into the fight.


Troy will usually turn invulnerable for an amount of time so be sure to keep your distance so avoid taking damage without a chance to fight back.

Weak Spots


Troy is still human regardless of his powers and being a humanoid means that his weak spot is his head so dealing headshots will do critical hits to him which deal a very large amount of damage and can make the fight finish faster than expected.

Notable Attacks

Eridian Orbs


Troy will release Eridian charged orbs which deal damage when they come in contact with you when he does certain actions.

These orbs are released when he does certain slash attacks, slam attacks and more but can be evaded as they move quite slow.

The further you are from Troy, the lesser the chance that the orbs will hit you.

Leap Slam


When you are far from Troy or at mid-range, he will attempt to jump towards you and slam the ground which also releases orbs and closes the distance between both of you.

Simply moving back can evade the attack but be sure to move away as this will give, he the opportunity to do other attacks that are close to you.

Giant Rock Mace


Troy will manifest a large mace made of rock powered with Eridian which he will slam on the ground, mainly in your direction.

Moving to the side can help you avoid this but be sure to move a more than just a simple sidestep since there is a bit of area of effect from the attack which can throw you around or deal damage.

While Troy is charging up this attack, you can take several hits at him since it will take a while before he finishes the attack.

Meteor Shower


When Troy’s health is low, he will attempt to head back to Tyreen and cast down several molten rocks to deal damage in the area.

This can be evaded by moving near the edge and taking cover behind the arc where the twins are charging up.

Be sure to move around and watch out for any incoming projectiles when this attack occurs.

Notable Drops


Troy Calypso will usually drop common to epic items but has a good chance of dropping the “Double-Penetrating Occultist” legendary pistol.



  • Troy will usually move around a lot but his movement becomes quite predictable and you will be able to evade most of his attacks by moving backwards or sideways as well as use this as an opportunity to attack him.
  • Getting weapons for shooting troy both up close and from afar is good for different situations, especially during most of his attacks.
  • Aim for headshots as they seem to deal even more damage to Troy than it usually should.
  • Take advantage of when Troy boasts so you can deal a large amount of damage to him while his doing such animations.
  • Troy is susceptible to status effects and will take damage over time when inflicted with them which can be a great help during the fight.
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