Life of the Party Walkthrough (Side Mission) in Borderlands 3

Borderlands 3 Life of the Party Mission

  • Mission Type: Side Mission
  • Planet: Pandora
  • Location: Devil’s Razor – Boomtown
  • Level: 33

Mordecai wants to attend a party and wants you to go with him since it would be the birthday celebrants dream come true if a vault hunter attended.

Your task is to prepare what you and Mordecai will bring as well as to proceed over to the birthday party to celebrate with those who have also attended.

Mission Walkthrough

Collecting Flowers


Mordecai will first ask you to head to a location and collect some flowers that you will bring to the birthday party.


Once you arrive at Phalanx Pass, go around the area picking up the flowers that Mordecai has asked you to collect.


Mordecai will need you to collect 5 of the special flowers before you can proceed to the birthday party.

Heading To The Party


Drive your way to where you and Mordechai will meet and exit your vehicle as they will not be available across the bridge.


Once you arrive at Mordecai’s location that is marked on the waypoint, head over to him and talk to him.

A Different Kind Of Surprise


Mordecai is surprised as the little girl who was the birthday celebrant had been killed and he instead asks you to leave the flowers by her grave.


Hirschim, the girl’s father will tell you that Gracey would be happy that a vault hunter came to her party and will ask you to proceed and celebrate with him.

Party Games


Hirschim will invite you all to eat cake and begin with some games by making the cake eating a type of content which his daughter Gracey apparently holds the record for.


You may decide whether to eat several cakes or just give up on the additional ones as a choice whether you will let Gracey’s record stand or if you want to beat it.

Mordecai will request that you leave the record be so that Gracey’s record will remain unbeaten for the sake of Hirschim.


The next party game will be the grenade toss which requires you to throw grenades through improvised rings.

Once again, Gracey will have a record which Mordecai suggests you left unbeaten for the same reason.


The last party game is the shooting range which will consist of rakks being scared away by their pet skag which you will shoot while they are flying.

Same thing goes for the shooting range, Gracey will have a record that Mordecai doesn’t want beaten in order to preserve her unbeaten score.

Ending The Party


Once the party games are over, head over to Hirschim who will appreciate you treating them right followed by asking you to whack the pinata.


Melee or shoot at the pinata to destroy it which will cause some loot to drop from it and the party will soon end.

Hirschim will end up being please later on with how you were and if you were kind enough he will give you an additional reward which is his daughters pistol regardless if he said he would only give it if you beat her records.

Life Of The Party Mission Rewards


After completing the Life Of The Party mission, you will be rewarded with around 7,576 cash and the “Dastardly Amazing grace” legendary pistol.



  • Among most of the side missions this is more of a test of your characters attitude and doesn’t involve much combat.
  • This mission is a great way to get experience at lower levels as well as obtaining a strong legendary pistol.
  • Almost all outcomes end up with you getting the legendary pistol at the end.
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