Ratch’d Up Walkthrough (Side Mission) in Borderlands 3

Borderlands 3 Ratch’d Up Mission

  • Mission Type: Side Mission
  • Planet: Promethea
  • Location: Atlas HQ
  • Level: 17

Ratch have been appearing often lately and Rhys has asked you to search for Terry who was the janitor that was in charge of keeping things tidy since he has suddenly gone missing.

You are tasked with searching Terry’s office and beyond to figure out what has happened and where these ratch are coming from as well as what has happened to Terry.

Mission Walkthrough

Inspect The Power Outage


Head over to Terry’s office which is marked by a waypoint leading you to the maintenance room.


Rhys will tell you to search around and if you notice there will be a hidden switch behind a jar on a table.


Press the hidden switch and it will open up a hidden room which is later revealed to be a lab that was closed down back in the past.


As you make your way through the lab it will be infested with ratch eggs and gunk and you are to further investigate the area looking for Terry.


As you approach the waypoint that marks a locked door, a voice will talk to you and ask you for help by means of opening the door.


The voice later to be known as Glenn will tell you that controls to opening the door are on the other side of a glass which you will need to head to b y going around the area you are in.


Make your way towards the waypoint but be careful as there will be a bunch of ratch in the area which will begin to attack you.

Kill all of the ratch in the area and make your way up the stairs, heading for the door controls.


Open up the door that Glenn is behind and you will see a ratch appear which you will then head over to.


The door that was previously locked when you went around the area on your way to the controls will now be opened so you don’t have to go all the way back around.

Head through the now unlocked door and go to the ratch that has come out of the other door that was recently opened as well.


Speak with the ratch who is actually Glenn and he will tell you what has happened and says that you should search for Terry together.


Terry’s body will be where the controls were but he will be dead and Glenn comes up with a plan to bring him back.

Glenn will suggest that you do the same thing Terry had done for him and place his brain in a ratch body so that Terry will be alive once more.


Glenn will chew up Terry’s body, leaving only the brain which are to pick up and bring to the are where you will transfer it to a ratch body below.


As you head down, Glenn says that you need to lower Gary’s cage which holds Gary, a ratch with the brain of a Maliwan war criminal.


After you lower the cage, you will need to clear the area below so that you may access the brain transfer area which is connected to where Gary’s cage has dropped and released him.

Head down and kill Gary as well as the other ratch that are wandering below before proceeding to the brain transfer area.


Make your way to the experiment control panel where you will need to place Terry’s brain and transfer it to a ratch body which is already in the tank.


Place the brain as Glenn has instructed you to do and you will be told to now activate the transfer sequence right after.


Interact with the controls and a quick animation of the brain transfer will happen along with the ratch being released in the middle of the room.


Head up to the ratch that now has Terry’s brain and talk to him to remind him that he is still human inside.


Once Terry has come to his senses, follow him heading back up to where Glenn is waiting which will bring you near the end of the mission.


As the too reunite, talk to Glenn and the mission will end and you will get a reward from Glenn.

Ratch’d Up Mission Rewards


Upon completion of the Ratch’d Up mission, you will receive around 1,235 cash as well as the “Peacemonger” epic pistol.



  • Bring a weapon that can take out ratch quickly such as high damage shotguns or elemental weapons that can also deal a good area of damage as the ratch will come at you in a large amount.
  • Gary can be quite annoying and if you don’t have a high damaging weapon the fight can take a long time so be sure to have at least one weapon that has a good amount of damage.
  • When you lower Gary’s cage, you can stand on it to avoid taking too much damage when entering the pit.
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