Just a Prick Walkthrough (Side Mission) in Borderlands 3

Borderlands 3 Just a Prick

  • Mission Type: Side Mission
  • Planet: Any
  • Location: Sanctuary
  • Level: 12

Tannis is low on health hypos and she needs you to help her find some for her that some of the crew have taken and most likely used for incorrect purposes.

Your task is to search Sanctuary for the missing hypos and bring them back to Tannis so she has a stock when needed.

Mission Walkthrough

Searching The Ship for Hypos


Make your way towards each waypoint which represents each hypo that is located on the ship and pick each one of them up.

There will be no difference if you pick them in any order as long as you get all of them and bring them back to Tannis, the mission will be successful.

Head over to the waypoints and if you still don’t spot them look around you and be sure to look everywhere and try to spot the waypoints shown on your HUD if you can’t find them right away.

Pipes In Front Of Tannis’ Lab


You will be able to find one of the hypos outside of Tannis’ lab which is on the pipes just over the rail and can simply jump over it and grab the hypo.

Ellie’s Poster


Near the end of the ship you can find one of the hypos holding a paper to the wall, covering up a poster of Ellie which Tannis claims to be pornography.

Moxxi’s Bar


In Moxxi’s bar you will be able to see one of the hypos lying on the counter on the left side of the bar once you enter.

Stuck on a Dartboard


Back at the end of the ship there will be a small area at the side where you will find one of the hypos on a dartboard which is most likely because it has been used as a substitute for an actual dart.

Statue in Room


There is a room above Marcus’ shop which has some statues where one of them will have a hypo stuck on it which isn’t hard to spot when inside the room.

Gas Dispenser


Near the back of the ship you will notice one of the hypos on a gas dispenser which appears to be used to either extract gas or simply to have been used to prevent leakage.

Claptrap’s Kick Me Sign


One of the hypos will be on Claptrap’s head, holding a kick me sign most likely for someone’s amusement as a prank.

Claptrap may either be in his room or wandering around the ship which would explain one of the waypoints moving around.

TV Antenna


If you head to the cargo bay and look under the stairs, there will be a hypo on top of a television which must have been used to get reception.

Just a Prick Mission Rewards


After completing the Just a Prick mission, you will be rewarded with around 935 cash.



  • This mission is not really hard and is just another mission and is most likely to help you get more familiar with the ship to help you navigate around.
  • You can easily move from floor to floor by jumping in the area in the middle of the ship to save time running around and going up and down stairs or ladders.
  • It would be a good idea to target the hypos closest to you and head for whatever is most nearby so you don’t have to run back and forth in the ship.
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