Head Case Walkthrough (Side Mission) in Borderlands 3

Borderlands 3 Head Case Mission

  • Mission Type: Side Mission
  • Planet: Pandora
  • Location: Ascension Bluff
  • Level: 6

Vaughn’s deputy Warchief Vic’s head has been placed inside a holding area where Vaughn realizes that she has been interrogated in virtual reality and he wants to save her.

You are tasked with going into the virtual reality world and finding her along with fragments of her memory in an attempt to bring her back safely.

Mission Walkthrough

Entering Virtual Reality


Make your way back to the entrance where you first would have parked your vehicle if you had recently made your way to The Holy Broadcast Center.

You can fast travel to your vehicle if you have left it before entering the area so you don’t have to run all the way back.


Plug Vic’s head into the virtual reality machine to load her up and activate the machine to transport yourself to the virtual reality world where she is trapped.

Traversing The Virtual Reality World


In the virtual reality world, you need to make your way to The Holy Broadcast Center which will have enemies freshly spawned which you will need to face while making your way towards Vic.


Fight your way to the waypoint where Vic is supposed to be trapped while making your way past all the bandits by killing them.

It’s a good thing to kill them for some bonus experience if you are near the same level as well as to lessen the trouble later on when you reach the waypoint.

Vic’s Memory Fragments


Along the way you will come across the bonus objective which requires you to collect Vic’s memory fragments.

There is a total of 4 memory fragments scattered around the area which you can easily spot along the way while heading to Vic.

The first memory fragment will be in a car located near the entrance, it won’t be hard to miss and the waypoint will show you where it is as well as the rest of the memory fragments.


As you continue on your way towards Vic’s location, you will come across another fragment which is located on a couch inside a safe.


The third memory fragment will be inside one of the tight rooms which contain speaker traps that are most likely disabled.


While heading towards Vic be sure to head to the left before going up a flight of stairs as the fourth fragment will be located on top of a table in that area.

After grabbing all of Vic’s fragments, head towards Vic who will be nearby by following the waypoint on your map.

Saving Vic


Once you reach Vic, she will be traumatized and confused, not knowing where she is so you will need to talk to her.

The chat will be for only a few seconds where you will attempt to convince her to come with you only to be interrupted by her interrogator.


After a quick talk to Vic, her interrogator arrives along with other bandits who you will need to kill in order to proceed with the mission.

The interrogator is pretty much the same as a badass tink and will be easy to kill so a few well-placed shots should do the trick.


After killing the interrogator head back to the simulator machine and activate it to exit the virtual reality world.


Vic will be transported back with you while surprisingly holding the head she was trapped inside during her interrogation.

Talk with her so that she and Vaughn will have a quick discussion followed by the completion of the mission where she thanks you and offers you a rare weapon that she found in the virtual reality world.

Head Case Mission Rewards


Completing the Head Case mission will reward you with around 473 Cash and a rare sniper rifle and completing the bonus objective will end with Vic also handing you a rare weapon.



  • Try to take out the enemies that get in your way so you don’t have to deal with so much when fighting the interrogator.
  • The virtual reality realm may be a little painful on the eyes so try to make your way through the mission as quick as possible.
  • Avoid skipping memory fragments so you don’t have to search for them later on which can take more time.
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