Discover the Trial of Supremacy: Location, Boss & More

Borderlands 3 Discover the Trial of Supremacy

The Trial Of Supremacy is the last trial among the 6 proving grounds which takes place in a zone similar to one in Nekrotafeyo which offers a greater reward than all the others.

In the Trial Of Supremacy, you will come across enemies from Nekrotafeyo such as Dark Maliwan forces and Eridian Guardians.



The Trial Of Supremacy can be done in The Hall Obsidian which becomes accessible after doing the Discover The Trial Of Supremacy mission which is found in Desolator’s Edge on Nekrotafeyo.


Area 1


As you enter the first area, you will encounter the Dark Maliwan enemies who are similar to the Maliwan that you face on other mission except they are stronger and differ in appearance just like the ones in Nekrotafeyo.


Aside from the Dark Maliwan enemies, you will also encounter Eridian Guardians which will cause the two groups to fight each other as well fight against you. 

Area 2


The second area will be a bit similar to the first except for the availability of a lot of high ground which can be used to pick enemies off easily and to get a better view since enemies will usually be behind objects, making it annoying to fight them.


Dark Maliwan forces will repeatedly be brought into the fight by dropships that you must watch out for as these have turrets and may fire at you while passing by.

Area 3


As you enter the third area, you will first encounter large numbers of Eridian Guardians which will spawn in groups and attack you non stop until you clear them all out.


While fighting off the Eridian Guardians, more Dark Maliwan forces will be brought into the area but this time they will include heavy enemies when they spawn.


Sera Of Supremacy


The boss fight will introduce the Sera Of Supremacy whose health composes of only shields but this boss can deal a substantial amount of damage if you get hit by its attacks often.

There will be other enemies present such as Dark Maliwan troopers which will also be attacking you during the fight which you should keep an eye on as they may tend to attack you from behind.


After getting its health depleted, the Sera Of Supremacy will regain its health and begin attacking you more aggressively along with new attacks which can deal more damage.



  • The Dark Maliwan and some of the Eridian Guardians share a similarity which is the use of shields which may prove hard unless you have high damaging weapons.
  • A great way to take out the shields of the enemies that you will encounter would be to use shock weapons which deal extra damage against shields.
  • Since the Sera Of Supremacy only has shields for health, a shock weapon can quickly deplete its health.
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