Discover the Trial of Fervor: Location, Boss & More

Borderlands 3 Discover the Trial of Fervor

The Trial Of Fervor is the fifth trial which is seemingly a replica of Eden-6 but more amongst the bandit population in the area.

During these trials, you will come across the humanoid enemies that you encounter in an area similar to that of the bandit homes in the swamps.



The Skydrowned Pulpit is the location where the Trial Of Fervor is located which can be accessed after the Discover The Trial Of Fervor mission which can be found in the Jakobs Estate zone on Eden-6.


Area 1


When you enter the first area, you will encounter enemies that would usually spawn in Eden-6 which mostly are bandits.


The bandits in the first area may come at overwhelming numbers so its best not to get caught up in the middle of several enemies as there will be different types such as tinks, enforcers, fanatics and more.

Area 2


The second area will include even more different types of bandit enemies from Eden-6, some of which are even sturdier than the previous ones and even a chance for a loot enemy to appear.


Aside from stronger enemy types, you will also encounter at least one badass enemy that will prove to withstand and deal a bunch of damage.

Area 3


The third area is pretty much the same except in terms of the size, it appears to be pretty small, limiting your movement and making it easier to get stuck between enemies.


Aside from fighting in a tight map, there will be different types of enemies, including special ones such as a festering goliath and more.


Hag Of Fervor


The Hag Of Fervor is a stronger version of the hag, an enemy covered in armor that tinks usually climb on top of and ride as they shoot you.

Not only does it have a lot of knockback attacks but the Hag Of Fervor is also capable of withstanding different elements and takes reduced damage against most weapons.


The Hag Of Fervor will have two sets of health including a high amount of armor which you will need to deplete twice in order to kill it.



  • The bandits are quite easy to kill if you can land headshots most of the time, especially with high damage weapons or those with elemental damage strong against flesh like incendiary.
  • Try to deal with the sturdier enemies first so you can use the weak ones as a source for bringing yourself back up when downed.
  • To strip the armor off of the Hag Of Fervor, use corrosive elemental damage which is strong against armor.
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