Buff Film Buff Walkthrough (Side Mission) in Borderlands 3

Borderlands 3 Buff Film Buff Mission

  • Mission Type: Side Mission
  • Planet: Pandora
  • Location: Devil’s Razor – Roland’s Rest
  • Level: 35

Buff needs your help because a bandit named Rohner threw away his ECHO since he did not like Buff’s cinematic but Buff still wants to push through with it.

Your task is to find the ECHO in one of the trashcans where Rohner might have thrown them and help Buff get it onscreen.

Mission Walkthrough

Look For Buff’s ECHO


After speaking with Buff, head towards the Sin-A-Plex where you will need to check the trashcans for Buff’s ECHO.


Head to each of the trashcans and search them for the ECHO until you have searched each one of them.


When you come across the third trashcan, opening it will cause it to drop BUFF’s ECHO.


Pick up the ECHO so you can make your way to the projector room and play it on the big screen.


Fight your way past the bandits that will try to stop you and continue heading up to the projector room.


Insert the ECHO into the projector so that it will begin to play but soon after starting, the projector bulb will explode and you will then need to find a new one.


Head back outside where Rohner will be as he will try to kill you because of your tampering with his projector.

It will appear that Rohner has a collection of projector bulbs which can be used to replace the one that blew up so you will need to kill him and access his stash of projector bulbs.


After killing Rohner, head over to his stash of projector bulbs and open it up so you can go inside and find the replacement bulb.


After you grab one of the replacement bulbs from the storage area and bring it back to the projector room.


Once your back in the projector room, place the bulb so the projector will begin to play Buff’s cinematic again.


When Buff’s cinematic starts playing, head back to him and speak with him to finish up the mission.


When you reach buff, talk to him and the quest will become completed and he will give you your reward.

Buff Film Buff Mission Rewards


After completing the Buff Film Buff mission, you will be rewarded with around 12,671 cash.



  • When searching for Buff’s ECHO, you can shoot the trashcans from afar instead of opening them up to save time.
  • Not all enemies will need to be killed aside from Rohner which means you can basically run through the mission pretty fast by ignoring most of the enemies.
  • If your level is the same level as the enemies, it would be a good idea to clear them up to avoid getting killed while completing the objectives as well as to get experience.
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