How to Make Kibble in ARK

Kibble Inventory in ARK

Taming in Ark Survival Evolved is very important and it plays a key to better progression in the game as the creatures that you tamed make almost everything easier.

To get the best level for a specific creature when taming, you will want to utilize kibble, which will not only speed up the taming process but also make it more efficient.

While kibble may not be the easiest thing to get when you first start in the game, you can later have a good supply of it as you progress for better taming.

How To Use Kibble

Kibble is used in the same way you would any other taming food and instead of placing meat or berries and such, you will be using kibble instead.

For knockout taming, you can simply leave the kibble in a creature’s inventory while passive tames will eat it from your last item slot.

Kibble simply replaces whatever taming food you are using and will provide you with faster and better results when you tame.

Types of Kibbles

ARK Kibble

There are currently 6 different types of kibbles that are favored by certain creatures in the game and can be cooked using specific eggs.

Kibble types in Ark Survival Evolved include the following:

To know more about each kibble, pick out the one you wish to view in the links above.

How to Make Kibble

To make kibble, you will need to have a Cooking Pot or an Industrial Cooker, which will require fuel to ignite its fire as well as water and the other ingredients.

Once all the ingredients are available, place them into the cooking station (which must be turned on) and simply wait for the kibble to be made.

It is faster to make kibble via the Industrial Cooker and this can help you prepare a ton of them for use later.

Why Kibble is Not Cooking

If your kibble is not cooking, make sure to double-check the water supply in the cooking station you are trying to make the kibble in.

Most of the time players may often fail to notice if one of the ingredients has expired or if the water supply has been cut off.

It is best to double-check and make sure you have everything placed, especially when some of the resources needed can expire quickly.


Kibble may not be necessary for the earlier parts of the game, but it can be a real help if you manage to find a creature with high levels.

The kibble will make their taming go way up after each bite and this will give you better taming efficiency, leading to a higher tamed Dino level.

Players can usually set up kibble farms using specific Dinos that lay the eggs required for each kibble in pairs of male and female and keep an Oviraptor nearby.

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